Saluting some of the classic WOW characters

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World of Warcraft has certainly made an impression on the gaming community. Some people absolutely love the game, which boasts an array of heroes and villains. The characters have impacted the cosplay scene as well as resulting in numerous spin-off games, merchandise and a whole lot more. It’s an amazing community. 


Over the years, several memorable characters have found their way into peoples’ lives and left a lasting impression on WOW fans. Many games have characters that tend to stick to players, but in World of Warcraft’s case, the selection is comprehensive. Some are big, some are minuscule, and some are just downright ugly. 


They all deserve their place in what is a truly iconic game, though. It certainly provides more of a journey than most games, although that doesn’t mean the excitement of real-time action and chat with other punters at a Live Roulette Casino doesn’t appeal from time to time. For WOW fans, though, the game will always hold a special place in their hearts. It’s hard to rival. 


With a shedload of classic WOW characters leaving a lasting impression among what is a dedicated and loyal community of Warcraft fans, we thought it was only right to reminisce about a selection of some of the best of them. 


Jaina Proudmoore


A popular character within the community, Jaina Proudmoore has played an integral part in so many World of Warcraft events that we simply had to include her. Making the deal with the Horde to defend Mount Hyjal is a particular highlight, although she has impacted an array of memorable moments. Seeing her allies killed and her city of Theramore destroyed by a massive bomb was another tough moment to take, especially for fans of Jaina Proudmoore. Still, she certainly starred in a number of highlights. 


Illidan Stormrage

Part hero, part villain, Illidan Stormrage is a truly memorable boss from both The Burning Crusade and Legion, where he made a stunning return. The attack he led on Arthas at the end of the Warcraft III story sticks in the memory of many, but so too does his epic battle to secure his Black Temple. A proficient fighter who was hard to see off, Illidan Stormrage isn’t adored by everyone involved in the WOW scene, but he is definitely hard to forget.


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We couldn’t ignore the leader of the entire Horde, could we? Especially when you factor in just how long it took him to get there. He’s halted trolls, taken back the Echo Isles, and reigned supreme over the former Horde war chief so he could step in instead. A calm and likeable character, Vol’jin is a gem.


The disappearance of his wife Olga was a powerfully sad moment in the pre-Cataclysm World of Warcraft. He searched far and wide but was unable to locate his love, leaving this orc character absolutely raging and empty without the love of his beloved Olga. That development alone endeared Mankrik to many, although what followed might have divided a few. His quest for revenge and the memorial he built for Olga were huge moments, as was his fight in the Southern Barrens.

Lady Katrana Prestor (Onyxia)

Lady Katrana Prestor appears for the first time as she is seemingly ruling Stormwind alongside Bolvar Fordragon, but that doesn’t turn out to be the case at all. In fact, she is a truly iconic raid boss Onyxia in a beautifully epic event that takes place right within Stormwind Keep. That fight alone makes her a worthy addition.

Other classic characters are Chen Stormstout, Lord Serpentis, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Ragnaros, Duke Hydraxis, and C’Thun.

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