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Critical Role Launches Nonprofit Organization: Critical Role Foundation

This press release just hit our inbox and I am stoked to share it with everyone! Today, Critical Role, the most popular story-driven, world-building and RPG focused digital media company in the world, officially launched the Critical Role Foundation (CRF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. With the formation of the Critical Role Foundation, the company aims to further its philanthropic efforts a...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Toxiekatt

The photographers for the photos are as follows: Chris J Kong took the photos of Nightcrawler, Mollymauk, The Inquisitor, and the Faun.  jcm.darrell on Instagram took the Beauregard photo.  Looking for a fantastic, top-notch, champion cosplayer to follow? You came to the right place since we got to interview the amazing Toxiekatt! What is your cosplay origin story?  I began cosplaying in early 201...[Read More]

In Less than 48 Hours Critical Role Raises $4,000,000+ for an Animated Series!

Critical Role is a Dungeons & Dragons series that is streamed live on Thursday nights featuring incredibly talented voice actors. Over the years they have shocked and awed their fans with their roleplaying, storytelling, drama and so much more. A majority of our staff are huge Critical Role fans so it came as no surprise when we were all excited when Critical Role announced a Kickstarter to ra...[Read More]

Critical Role Set to Split from Geek & Sundry

Breaking news this morning in the tabletop gaming community!   Critical Role, the multi-platform Dungeons & Dragons show, is set to split from their parent company Geek & Sundry come July 2018. The show brings in over half a million viewers per week as “Critters” all over the globe tune in to 6+ hours of content the Critical Role team produces for the channel. The team rel...[Read More]

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