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Of Misfits and Monsters: A D&D 5E Mini Series by Latinx in Gaming

What do you get when you bring together six beautiful, amazing, awesome creators for small campaign of Dungeons & Dragons? You get Of Misfits and Monsters! This is a mini-series I had the pleasure of Dungeon Mastering for Latinx in Gaming featuring a cast of Duralath, Cosplay and Beer, Jmagsplays, BewaretheSiren, MsYeseniac, and Booribop. STORY When the greatest and most wealthy noblemen and w...[Read More]

20 Great Black TTRPG Performers to Follow in 2021!

Black History Month is here and I am stoked to be able to share with all of you some of my favorite creators! These are 20 Table Top RPG writers, performers, game masters, and more that I have known for some time and adore! They literally inspire me with their creativity and dedication to their craft. If you want great content, absolutely follow them! Keep an eye out for more articles on Podcasts,...[Read More]

DM Advice: Why Session 0 Is a Necessity

Being a Dungeon Master can be a rewarding experience that allows you to craft stories for cherished friends to enjoy. Whether your Table Top RPG of choice is Kids on Bikes, Dungeons & Dragons, or some other game, you will absolutely want to have a session 0. What is a session 0? Session 0 is the very first session where all players gather together to discuss their characters, expectations, and...[Read More]

Fantasy Banjo releases new podcast “Standard Aerei”

Our homies from Fantasy Banjo have released a new Dungeons & Dragons series called Standard Aerei! Check out their press release for more information! Fantasy Banjo, an Arizona/Massachusetts based indie entertainment company, has launched a new Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Standard Aerei throws it’s adventurers into a world where the gods have been absent for ages and technology has begun t...[Read More]

Of Misfits and Monsters! A LatinxinGaming Mini D&D Horror Series!

What do you need in order to ensure you have a fantastic 2021? Why it’ll be none other than a Dungeons & Dragons session featuring awesome content creators! Every Wednesday from 1/17 to 2/17 from 4:30 PM PST to 8:00 PM PST we’ll be gaming on Latinxingaming Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/latinxingames! Story When the greatest and most wealthy noblemen and women are kidnapped ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Arkady Cosplay

Arkady Cosplay is such a force of good vibes and dedication. It feels like she can do no wrong whenever she comes out with a new cosplay! Please enjoy our interview with her! What is your cosplay origin story? Three of my close friends were going to New York Comic Con 2012 dressed as Thor characters. They elbowed me on knowing that I love Thor and Amora the Enchantress and convinced me to buy a ti...[Read More]

Critical Role Launches Nonprofit Organization: Critical Role Foundation

This press release just hit our inbox and I am stoked to share it with everyone! Today, Critical Role, the most popular story-driven, world-building and RPG focused digital media company in the world, officially launched the Critical Role Foundation (CRF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. With the formation of the Critical Role Foundation, the company aims to further its philanthropic efforts a...[Read More]

Amazing PoC Content Creators to Follow Vol 1!

Cover Photo by: @dtjaaaam As a person of color, it can feel like an uphill battle trying to build a community and find support when, historically, the geek community has been overwhelmingly caucasian. That is why we have taken the time to put together a list of as many wonderful PoC content creators as possible for the sole purpose of bringing much-needed awareness to them and their hard work! We ...[Read More]

UpUpDownDown is a Wealth of Entertainment for a COVID Stricken Geek World

If someone told me years ago that there would be a place where you can see WWE Superstars have fun and be geeks, I would have told them that they were having a fever dream. Little did I know that Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed would create a YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown featuring amazing content. UpUpDownDown features WWE Wrestlers and their friends playing anything and everything together f...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Raise Over $1000 for Charity via a D&D Live Event!

A lot of us here at The Geek Lyfe were feeling helpless over with the threat of COVID 19 taking the lives of so many and the overwhelming amount of Police Brutality happening all over the nation. Our hearts were so heavy with sorrow that we decided that we needed to do something, anything, to help! That is why we put together our Dungeons & Dragons Charity Stream that was live on your Twitch c...[Read More]

D&D Charity Event 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Knocks It Out of the Park With Their Recent D&D Live 2020: Roll w/ Advantage Charity Event!

Dungeons & Dragons has recently hosted a charity event for Red Nose Day, this event was called D&D Live: Roll with Advantage.  In order to help raise funds, they had a series of sessions set up with incredible actors and entertainers from all walks of life. Help a Good Cause at the Most Star-Studded D&D Event Ever! People all over the world continue to stay safe by staying home, but th...[Read More]

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