Dustbunny Cosplay

Cosplayer of the Week: Dustbunny Cosplay

This is a special interview for us since one of our favorite content creators around is none other than Dustbunny Cosplay! She is such a positive force in the community who is so down to Earth, and kind. We’ve met her a few times at conventions and the experience is always fun! We hope you enjoy our interview!   What is your cosplay origin story?  I first started cosplaying at Katsucon ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Dustbunny Cosplay

Hey guys! The cosplayer of the Week is Dustbunny cosplay! She fails from the exotic and foreign lands of California and has been cosplaying for a good amount of time. In all that time she has become such an incredible costumer that constantly comes out with fantastic pieces of work that I wait on with bated breath. She is such a wonderful person and I was blown away that she gave us the chance to ...[Read More]

Con Nichiwa 2017 Feature!

Con Nichiwa 2017 Review! I have to admit that I do not give conventions in Tucson, Arizona as much love and attention as they deserve. However, when Con Nichiwa rolled around I heard so many great things about it from various convention goers that I decided to check it out for myself. I was only able to attend on a Sunday so this will not be a review due to my lack of experience, however after att...[Read More]

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