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One day while shopping, a store caught my eye with promises of geeky goodies. Upon entering I found myself surrounded with endless nerdy items. Imagine if The Little Mermaid collected Star Wars, superheroes and Doctor Who; you would have this shop. While browsing the goods numerous pieces of art caught my eye. Beloved characters painted onto comic panels that they are featured in? Fantastic! From Spock to Slimer, your geek interests are covered. As I inquired about the art, the very kind man behind the counter explained that he created the pieces. David Lizanetz is easily one of the most unique artists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately, he no longer operates from this shop. However, his art lives on and multiplies. With his one-of-a-kind art geared towards geeks, I jumped at the chance to interview him.

Time and time again I would see such wonderful pieces of art that doubled as dresses, kimonos and other clothing that combined geek elements with fashion. Being a male, I admittedly said "That is pretty cool." and moved on with my life, only to be shown even more of these creations with every other passing week. It was then that I decided, no more. I would investigate this awesome. It was then that I discovered Darling Army. Browsing through her catalog of available designs had been a breath taking experience. Every single one looks incredibly professional while still maintaining it's geek influences. Many times from other artists you'll see a normal dress with a single logo slapped on and then up charge. Darling Army however puts so much time and effort into her craft and at the price she sells her products at is more than reasonable, especially because she is a one woman operation! I immediately contacted her for an interview. Without further ado, here is my interview: Darling Army.