Vault Announces World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw, a Vampire: The Masquerade Event

Vault Comics is thrilled to announce World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw, a multi-property World of Darkness event that spins out of Vault’s smash hit Vampire: The Masquerade comic book series. In World of Darkness, there is more lurking in the shadows than just vampires, and this event will shine a light on just what else hides in the night. The World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw event will be told by a...[Read More]


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (June 21, 2021) – Danganronpa Decadence, the exclusive Nintendo Switch™ four-games-in-one bundle, is now available for pre-order on Amazon! About Danganronpa Decadence Danganronpa Decadence contains the three main titles in the legendary Danganronpa franchise, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition, an...[Read More]

DanMachi – Memoria Freese celebrates the fourth anniversary of Japan release with an original story “Aedes Vesta”

DanMachi – Memoria Freese (DanMemo), the mobile RPG based on the hit fantasy series “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” (also known as DanMachi), is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its Japan release with the original story “Aedes Vesta,” fully produced by Fujino Omori, the author of DanMachi. The event is available today, from June 17th (PST). ———̵...[Read More]

Three Reasons You’ll Absolutely Want to Support Umbral Oculus Dice

If you are a fan of Table Top RPGs, then there is a good chance that you are horribly addicted to collecting dice. There are many dice shops out there both mainstream and indie but today I want to focus specifically on Umbral Oculus Dice. They are a new dice shop owned and operated by Taryn Hackett who is a passionate TTRPG performer, writer, and game designer. Here are three reasons you’ll ...[Read More]

Ever Wish You Could Be Your TTRPG Character While Playing Virtually? AREALM Is Here to Help!

Since COVID-19 forced everyone into lockdown, table top role players have flocked to communication platforms like Zoom, Googlehangouts, or Discord in order to play with friends. This culture shift has helped to allow the gaming to continue but also introduced new aspects to the beloved hobby. Many players now cosplay as their favorite characters but what if you don’t have the skill, time, or...[Read More]

Homies Helping Homies Has Raised Over $1,400 for Indie TTRPG Performers

When I entered the Table Top RPG community as a performer I immediately recognized three major issues: A lack of diversity, it was hard to grow in this industry, and it was even harder to make money if you were not already well known. My solution to this problem was to host a series of events specifically geared to combat these concerns. Homies Helping Homies is a great one-shot monthly series tha...[Read More]

10 Indie TTRPG Performers to Follow

Table Top Roleplaying Games have exploded in popularity recently and with it a whole slew of fantastic entertainers have emerged. While many of us love and adore the titans of the industry like the Tanya DePass, B. Dave Walters, Matthew Mercer, etc. there are a legion of hardworking indie performers who you should keep your eye on! Here are 10 of my favorites and where to find them! Casual Campbel...[Read More]

Homies Helping Homies: A new TTRPG Series to Financially Support Indie performers!

Geeks far and wide love watching their favorite Table Top Role Playing Games be live-streamed on Twitch. A Game master along with various players tries their absolute hardest to put on a great show for viewers. Although fun times are had and fans grow for the performers, rarely does anyone get paid. Often times TTRPG networks have to use funds gathered via bits/subs to pour into equipment, marketi...[Read More]

Gamigo is partnering up with Canadian developer BKOM Studios

The publisher gamigo group and BKOM are working on a new title, set to be released this summer. Hamburg, March 2, 2021 – gamigo and BKOM Studios are teaming up to bring a new turn-based mobile strategy experience to their players this year. The studio develops state-of-the-art games and interactive experiences for prestigious names in the Games and Entertainment Industry. More than 100 people work...[Read More]

DeAngelo Joins the Cast of Fallout TTRPG Series: Vault 42!

Do you love Fallout? Do you love Table Top Role Playing Games? Do you enjoy watching a group of friends have fun? Then you are in luck because TTRPG Network Fabled 42 has a series by the name of Vault 42 based on the Fallout game franchise! Vault 42 takes place in the Texas commonwealth where a group of wastelanders travels the state trying to help their community by partaking in courier missions....[Read More]

20 Great Black TTRPG Performers to Follow in 2021!

Black History Month is here and I am stoked to be able to share with all of you some of my favorite creators! These are 20 Table Top RPG writers, performers, game masters, and more that I have known for some time and adore! They literally inspire me with their creativity and dedication to their craft. If you want great content, absolutely follow them! Keep an eye out for more articles on Podcasts,...[Read More]

DM Advice: Why Session 0 Is a Necessity

Being a Dungeon Master can be a rewarding experience that allows you to craft stories for cherished friends to enjoy. Whether your Table Top RPG of choice is Kids on Bikes, Dungeons & Dragons, or some other game, you will absolutely want to have a session 0. What is a session 0? Session 0 is the very first session where all players gather together to discuss their characters, expectations, and...[Read More]

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