20 Great Black Cosplayers to Follow in 2021!

Black History Month is here and I am stoked to be able to share with all of you some of my favorite creators! These are 20 cosplayers that I have known for some time and adore! They bring nothing but good vibes and have quality content! Keep an eye out for more articles on Table Top Role Players, Podcasts, Streamers, and more! Game2Hype   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Ge...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Podcast Is Live!

Every Sunday night I sit down with a different content creator and discuss their life, passions, and career. My heart is so full getting to talk with such wonderful human beings and share them with my community. To date we have interviewed Entrepuner Eliana Murillo, Life Coach Harry Lopez, Cosplayer That Girl Krash, Event Organizer Jetset, Twitch Streamer KawaiiFaceMiles, and Scientist Celesmeh. E...[Read More]

Misadventures of the Boo Yahs! Ep 1

Recently I had the pleasure of being a Game Master for a lovely group of folks on behalf of I Need Diverse Games! This series is called ‘The Misadventures of the Boo Yahs!’ which is a Kids on Bikes Tabletop RPG that focuses on a group of college kids who jokingly started a paranormal investigation company but ended up getting a real, high paying client! Episode 1 We have a wonderful gr...[Read More]

Who is DeAngelo?

DeAngelo Murillo is a fourth-generation Mexican-American who helps bring more representation to the geeky community through storytelling, journalism, interviewing creatives, and more on his Twitch channel. In his free time, he enjoys harassing his peers into participating in TTRPG charity events with him and also dies quite often in video games. He is also working on his own TTRPG called Emerald T...[Read More]

Maid Marcy Interviews Cafe Kira Hoshi

Welcome back home! How was your day? Let’s chat over some nice tea and snacks. While I get that ready, let me tell you about my latest maidcation! I have returned to the land of amusement and humidity, South Florida! Florida has so many unique groups, events, and performers that it rightfully so keeps its title of being the land of entertainment! This week, I went to visit the adorable pink and bl...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Presents: Ganbaru!

Ganbaru, also romanized as gambaru, is a ubiquitous Japanese word which roughly means to slog on tenaciously through tough times. The word Ganbaru is often translated to mean “doing one’s best”, but in practice, it means doing more than one’s best. The word emphasizes “working with perseverance” or “toughing it out.” Our passion here at The Geek Lyfe is to...[Read More]

Maid Marcy Interviews Idol Cafe by Anime Anonymous

Welcome home! Do you have your wallet, keys, phone, AND mask? Good? Great! This week, I am back home here in RED HOT Phoenix, Arizona. If you are (or were) a con regular in Arizona, you’ve probably heard of Anime Anonymous. They produce the fan-favorite “Idol Galaxy Cafe.” They are a convention cafe with performing idols with a galaxy theme! They do live performances, as well as host karaoke...[Read More]

DeAngelo is Interviewed by Tamarindo Podcast Discussing to be Latinx and a Geek

Recently DeAngelo Murillo, owner of The Geek Lyfe was featured as a guest on the Instagram Live segment hosted by tamarindo Podcast! Tamarindo Podcast focuses on talking about important issues facing the Latinx community in a positive and uplifting way and often features guests.   View this post on Instagram   We talk about the importance of platforms and communities like the @thegeeklyf...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Raise Over $1000 for Charity via a D&D Live Event!

A lot of us here at The Geek Lyfe were feeling helpless over with the threat of COVID 19 taking the lives of so many and the overwhelming amount of Police Brutality happening all over the nation. Our hearts were so heavy with sorrow that we decided that we needed to do something, anything, to help! That is why we put together our Dungeons & Dragons Charity Stream that was live on your Twitch c...[Read More]


Amazon Prime Video announced recently that the hit superhero show, The Boys, will premiere the first three episodes of its second season Friday, September 4, 2020. New episodes will be available each Friday culminating in an epic season finale on October 9. The news comes on the heels of the cast coming together for a virtual event, hosted by season two guest star Patton Oswalt, that looked back o...[Read More]

D&D Charity Event 2020

Interview with Artist: NightGlimmer

We are always on the lookout for incredible artists to support! That is why we were stoked to get the chance to talk with the artist, NightGlimmer on herself and work! The Geek Lyfe: Could you introduce yourself and your brand? NightGlimmer: My Name is Sandy Fonseca and I am the artist behind the “NightGlimmer” shop on Etsy. I’m from Southern California and gravitate to my childh...[Read More]

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