Finding A Geeky Significant Other (Without Losing Your Mind)

I'm a huge geek. Since I was younger I wanted to be a fantasy writer, run a blog that would give the community the information they craved without sponsors in their faces, I wanted to create an RPG and so many other goals I plan on completing before my time on this earth is done. However, I was never good with the ladies. I had so many projects to work on that being in a relationship always got pushed to the side. I knew I definitely wanted a girlfriend who saw my crazy personality as charm and would be willing to spend a Saturday night playing Minecraft or joining with friends to play table top games. I went twenty three years single despite trying my hardest to put myself out there. I've been burned, let down, stood up, and a whole manner of other things before finding the right one. so I am going to share my experiences and advice that, I hope, will help you avoid finding yourself in a whole lot of suck on the road to geeky  love.


Romantic Movies for Geeks: Films that Won't Make You Want to Self Destruct!

Hello everyone! As you all might have is Valentine's Day. Being the forever alone type person I am, I have always found it hard to find romantic movies to watch on said holiday. In general my entire being rejects romance movies with the fire of a thousand white hot burning suns, but I always feel like participating in some way during the festivities. That's why I have compiled a short list of movies that Geeks like us can enjoy on this dreaded day of wuv love!