Wanna Write for Us?

Hey friends! The Geek Lyfe is looking to expand our coverage, both nationally and internationally! In order to do this, we are opening up a method to work with freelancers so they can write for us! Whether you are looking to do this as a hobby, or build your professional résumé, you’ve come to the right place! How the process works: -You’ll want to join our official Discord server: https://d...[Read More]

We Are Looking for Freelance Writers!

Ladies and gentlemen! We are looking for freelance writers to help us produce content and to showcase their hard work! Whether they are articles about reviews, opinions, tutorials, or anything else we want to check it out! At the time writing this article, we have 100K+ views on the website for the year of 2018. The Geek Lyfe is a safe environment where you can submit your work and it will be revi...[Read More]

Freeplay Frenchie Reviews Strungballs!

Freeplay Frenchie Reviews Strungballs! If there’s one thing you count on StrangeBooks for, it’s an original mind-bending story. You may remember the name StrangeBooks from my last review on Mike Russell’s collection of short stories. In Mike Russell’s latest tale, we encounter Sydney, a young boy living in a weird, almost dystopian world with a grisly twist. In this bizarre...[Read More]

Puppygate: The GamerGate of Scifi

Puppygate: The GamerGate of Scifi Last night at the 2015 Hugo Awards (One of the world’s most prestigious scifi/fantasy awards) an unprecedented 5 categories were given a “No Award” in place of any of the nominees receiving an award. Since 1953 there have only been five instances of a category receiving a “No Award”.  This year’s awards have doubled that number ...[Read More]

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