Tayyar is a 5E Dungeons & Dragons series that will start in September. The show will focus on four nobles from their Queendom of Tayyar who must take on the responsibility of leading their nation as Queen and Lords when their predecessors and all other heirs passed away.

The cast will have incredible performers such as Utahime Cosplay, Duralath, Discount Bard, and Rising Valkyrie.

Tayyar at its height was the second-largest nation that wielded the strongest army in the known world. Unfortunately, a plague took hold of the nation, killing off the 20% of the people both commoners and nobles. Particularly, the royal family along with the local lords were among those that passed. The youngest of each family had been the only ones to survive and thus must now lead.

As though that were not terrible enough, the people of Tayyar despised the previous Queen claiming she had been a tyrant. Civil war is ever near as their situation grows worse. Other nations, particularly enemy nations, are keeping a close eye on the outcome to decide if they should strike and take down the weakened nation.

Only time will tell how these heirs will handle their newfound status and power whether it be for good or evil.

Check out Tayyar on Twitch.tv/that_deangelo Wednesdays from 5pmPST-8pm PST starting in September!