The Best Casino Games Based on Anime

The Japanese artwork or better-known as Anime has raging popularity and a wide fan-base, and not just in Japan but all across the world. These anime have given rise to a body of literature, narratives, movies, and shows. Some of the most well-known shows are Death Note, Kakegurui, Monster and the like. People binge-watch these shows, and they make for amazing pop-culture references. There is probably a very slim percentage of the world’s population that has no idea of what these anime are. Even if you are caught up with work and have no time to catch up with these anime, you might have at least vaguely heard of these anime. They are so popular and celebrated that it is almost impossible to miss out on their craze throughout the world. 


Speaking of these anime, we have already mentioned how they have given rise to bodies of literature, movies, and shows. But, you might be surprised to know that this genre has also led to the massive growth of casino games inspired by some of the well-known anime. We do not talk much about casino games because of the myth that casino games only endanger the sanity and peace of human lives. However, you must understand that casinos also contribute to the well-being and growth of the economy, and it does not do to ignore the positive impact of casinos on human lives. Therefore, we have taken it upon us to discuss some of the best anime-themed casino games that you can turn to in this uncertain season of quarantine and make it through. 

Fortune Girl:

One of the best online slots that take after the theme of the anime, it is imperative that we start the list by mentioning Fortune Girl before anything else. The game has five reels and fifteen pay lines that make it quite a steal among the others. And if that is not enough to pique your interest, maybe knowing that it is developed by one of the best slot developers, Microgaming, will provide you with a bit more edge. However, the most important and the major drawing elements of this game is that the video slot provides several bonuses and reward programs that shall help you win up to fourteen free spins. And we all know what free spins amount to. More free spins mean more chances to win without raising the stakes. 

Ghost in the Shell:

The name itself is alluring enough to draw you to the game, if not for anything else. But we are going to stick to our motto and tell you all that you need to know about the game. The game is based on the popular anime series that goes with the same name. One of the most important elements of the game that makes it stand apart from the rest on the list is that it has a progressive jackpot which means that you can take home a whopping jackpot amount if you are lucky enough to hit it. And this particular element of the game is probably all that is required to draw your attention to it. Everyone loves making money, and when you can do so from the comfort of your home and by signing up to these online casinos, like the, the experience is doubly enhanced. 

Sakura Fortune:

The two anime-themed slot games that we have mentioned in the list are high on the jackpots and bonuses that they have to offer to their players. However, Sakura Fortune makes it to the list with the amazing visuals that this slot game entails. Who does not like some brilliant graphics and animation on the screen? Sakura Fortune has all the makings of a brilliant video game, and comes with the added benefit of winning money, because it is, after all, a casino game. It has five reels, and thirty pay lines with several bonuses and rewards that are sure to get to you try your hands on the game and see for yourself how fantastic the entire experience is. 


The anime is a popular genre, and people love it when games are themed after their favorite shows or movies. Try these anime-themed video slot games and unlock a few rewards and bonuses. Who knows, with just the right luck and strategy, you might even be able to win the progressive jackpot and use the cash for something that you have always craved for! 

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