The best sports game you can play at home!

Exercise is something that doesn’t need to be asked anymore, where everyone knows it! Yes, the sports industry has evolved from decades ago, where football is the most popular sport to date. Yes, many lifelines end up interconnected and dependent on the industry, one of which is the video games industry. Video games of this sports genre are really in demand by some circles because one can play it like a real sport. Of course, this is becoming a new market for game developers, seeing the high interest of sports game lovers. Are you one of the fans of this sports video game genre? Want to get some money without going out from home? Go play agen bola now, they have many kind of gambling game such as sport game.

Here are 5 of the best sports video games you can try!

This covid’s outbreaks are entirely unpredictable; all schedules are wholly changed! If you have an excellent plan for the end of the year and it’s not completed, be patient; something beautiful will come up. Many matches, competitions, and races are entirely delayed and do not know when it will be held again, especially at various sporting events. If you have plans to exercise outside or see your favorite team playing, don’t worry. You can still feel the exercise atmosphere by playing various sports video games, almost similar to the original. Here’s the best video game recommendation for you.

Baseball Stars 2

Do you like baseball, or have a favorite team? Play baseball stars 2 to treat your longing for baseball. Yes, this baseball game offers exciting gameplay and an easy-to-understand interface. Also, baseball stars 2 also provides straightforward game controls, making it easy for players to control existing characters and adapt for the first time quickly. You can choose from various teams to fight and defeat different enemy teams. Prepare the best strategy and score as many times as possible! You can search for multiple references in online forums or official websites for the best tips and tricks.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Love deadly combat sports? Play Fire Pro Wrestling World, which excites your adrenaline rush. Yes, this Spike Chunsoft game provides thrilling gameplay and gameplay, making you feel at home to play it continuously. You can play with various special rules with different match modes that you can customize as you like. Tournament and league modes can also look forward to waiting for you, where you will be challenged to compete and become a champion over losing opponents. Not only that, but you can also change your favorite characters and play them vigorously!

Football Manager 2020

It’s a big dream to be a football club manager; nothing is impossible! Play Football Manager and play like a powerful manager. Start to organize players’ composition on your best team, from player transfers, best positions, and managing their abilities. You can also create a unique dream stadium for your best team, complete with complete infrastructure and facilities. Not only that, but borrowing money can also be made to cover the team’s needs and pay the installments every month. Really like a football team manager! For further reference, you can read the best resources, from online discussion forums, official sites to related social media. Be a professional manager!


If FM 2020 is a managerial football game, FIFA is a game that offers the thrill of playing real football only through your PC or game console. Yes, you will play as a professional footballer, preparing to score goals and lead the team to victory. Strategy and analytical ability to read the ball’s movement is the primary key in winning this game. You can also change the player’s character to your liking, whether you want to make it look elegant or relaxed. Not only about that, but you can also use tournament mode, where you will be required to work together more to score as many goals as possible. Play with your friends and family immediately and compete wisely and fairly.


Basketball lovers shouldn’t miss this one game, the NBA! Like FIFA, where you’ll play professional players, NBA also offers gameplay that gives its users the freedom to control players to score as much as possible! You will be required to work with high cooperation in teams and fast movement, considering basketball is a sport that requires high concentration. Play a tournament mode to take the team to the top of the standings and get the most incredible groups of each class. Sure, you have to think of the best strategy to score many scores and make it difficult for enemies to achieve. So, prepare all the strategy and consideration, and compete with all your might!

That’s the best sports game recommendation you can try at home. Make a boring lockdown into a fun lockdown!

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