The Dopest Clothing Brand Around: Anime Trash Swag(Interview)

My dear friends, I must bestow upon you a fact of life. That fact is that Anime Trash Swag is one of the greatest clothing brands around. If you are unfamiliar with Anime Trash Swag, it is an independent clothing line that focuses their aesthetic on Japanese culture, and more specifically anime/manga. Sky is the artist, Jenni handles the business side of things, and together they make an unstoppable force.

We had the chance to interview them about themselves and their business at Taiyou Con! Shout out to Connor aka Chocozumo for helping out with this interview.

You can spot their booth a mile away no matter what convention they are at because of their neon signs and fantastic appearance. Even though they are covered in spikes, unique make up, and their products have a very aggressive persona, they are legitimate sweethearts who are wicked smart. Every single time I come into their booth they welcome myself and everyone else with open arms. They love chatting about all things anime and art with fans.

I consider myself unbelievably lucky for getting to meet them when they first started out and having the privilege of watching them flourish as entrepreneurs. You get an odd sense of pride seeing someone you consider a friend grow in their craft and thrive. They are the prime example of what you can accomplish with hard work, dedication, and innovation, all while remaining close to their fans. We stand behind them in every single way and encourage you to check out their wares!

They have made a number of great items from hats, shirts, jackets, necklaces, and more. You can check out their selection at!

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