The End of Attack on Titan

Most people who have had no experience with anime look upon those who watch it with a kind of fascination. This refers to those who live in western countries as to them, watching something that is made in Japan is something that seems odd considering that those who live in places such as the UK and US already have access to a wide range of western cartoons. However, what these people do not understand is that this is like comparing apples and oranges. When it comes to anime, Japan is unmatchable in terms of entertaining, compelling, and engaging audiences.

One must only look towards Attack on Titan to get an idea of how great anime can be, as many point towards this example as being one of the best of all time. This is even more impressive considering that the anime hasn’t even ended yet and fans are waiting patiently for the final season to drop and tie up all the loose ends of a story that has been in the making since 2013. Those who have always approached anime with apprehension would do well to try Attack on Titan for their first foray into anime as it is wonderfully accessible to those who have never seen anime before.

As we look forward to Attack on Titan returning to our screens once again, it might be interesting to look back at the series and try to understand why exactly it is so good. Of course, there are other examples to look to that have also been highly rated in the anime community. Some of these include examples like Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z and Hunter x Hunter. However, there is something so unique about Attack on Titan that sets it apart in a field of its own when it comes to how entertaining it can be. In fact, the kind of enjoyment that people get from watching anime like Attack on Titan is what those who play casino games online likely get. For those who want to play some of these games, you can click here for some more sites which will give access to a range of classic casino games.

Looking at the anime from the first season to where we are now, it is easy to see why some people call it one of the best ever. Firstly, the animation and quality of the art style are impressive and when the show first dropped in 2013, audiences were stunned by how good the anime looked. This is not to mention the music, which is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, a genius in the field. His soundtrack simply elevates Attack on Titan far beyond other anime just on its musical merits alone. However, the thing that has impressed most people is the story and world-building, as the universe that has been created is one that stays in the minds of viewers forever, and the same goes for the characters too.

Attack on Titan is simply one of the best anime in all categories, suitable for beginners and veterans alike. As the release date of the final season draws ever closer, fans are awaiting in anticipation to see what will happen next in Attack on Titan.

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