The F Zero Game That Was Almost Made


The F Zero Game That Was Almost Made

Although I never had the chance to play an F-Zero game when I was younger, I instantly fell in love with Captain Falcon in Super Smash. His dramatic stances, obnoxious announcements of his moves, flashy colors, and his love for all things fast made him incredibly memorable. Unfortunately, there has not been an F-Zero game for quite some time.

Well was able to get an exclusive interview with them on this matter:

We can now confirm that the Wii U nearly launched with an F-Zero title. Back in 2011, Nintendo of Europe asked Burnout studio Criterion to work on a pitch for a new F-Zero, which would have been shown at E3 that year alongside the official unveiling of the Wii U itself. Shigeru Miyamoto has previously stated that he’s at a loss about how the revive the series, which would explain why Nintendo opened up the field to third party developers, to see what they could come up with.

It’s so unfortunate that a new F-Zero game was not able to be created. Nintendo seems to struggle with which games to promote and fund. To this humble Nintendo fan, I feel as though they’ve made less than wise choices. I hope they are able to figure out their plan and stick with it. Although I love my DS, I’d much rather prefer to have incredible games for more Wii U.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Would you like to have seen a new F-Zero game of is it a franchise that does not interest you at all?

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