Three Reasons You’ll Absolutely Want to Support Umbral Oculus Dice

If you are a fan of Table Top RPGs, then there is a good chance that you are horribly addicted to collecting dice. There are many dice shops out there both mainstream and indie but today I want to focus specifically on Umbral Oculus Dice. They are a new dice shop owned and operated by Taryn Hackett who is a passionate TTRPG performer, writer, and game designer.

Here are three reasons you’ll absolutely want to support Umbral Oculus Dice.

Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous Dice


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At the time of writing this article it has only been 24 hours after Umbral Oculus Dice went live with their first sale and already the online store has sold out. For good reason as the products offered in this first batch were fantastic. The Sanguine Gift set looked perfect for your next session of Vampire the Masquerade, Arcane Focus’s shade of violet was stunning, but I had to get my hands on the Sunset Gem set.

The combination of gold and blue stole my heart as I have never in all my years of being in the TTRPG community have seen a more beautiful set of dice. Although the store is sold out currently, the restock will be coming soon!

One Woman Operation

Every time you purchase dice from Umbral Oculus Dice, you are directly supporting a small business owner who turns around to invest right back into her business. She does not have a staff nor an office, she hustles to provide quality dice from a workspace in her home. This one woman works tirelessly to fill orders and brainstorm unique ideas for new sets. You’ll know exactly where your money is going when you invest in Umbral Oculus Dice.

Taryn Hackett is a Wonderful, Down to Earth Person

If you are unfamiliar with Taryn Hackett, she is a TTRPG performer from Texas who uses her creative talents in order to help the community by participating in various charity events. Despite being a mother and a wife, she finds the time to write up incredible content for her upcoming TTRPG and actual play live stream series called Far Realms.

I had the chance to interview Taryn on herself and her career and she was nothing short of delightful.

It helps to know that the person behind the product is a quality human being and a true artist!

For more information on Umbral Oculus Dice be sure to check out their store page!

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