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Top 10 Spring Anime 2019: Worth Watching?

Winter is coming to a close and I can finally see Spring on the horizon. But, who really cares about the weather when there’s new anime to get excited about!

This article will be the first of my seasonal series where I do a hot take of some of the most popular anime (and maybe some of the not so popular anime) and review them just by the synopsis. Don’t worry, I’ll be watching them and seeing if I was even remotely close on my “Yay or Nay” predictions, so keep an eye out for those future articles as well! Alright, enough chitchat, let’s get our anime on.

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 (Attack on Titan Season 3 part 2) – Premiere April 29, 2019

Action – Drama – Fantasy – Military – Mystery – Superpower

No synopsis but we all should know what it is by now?  

As someone who hasn’t kept up with the manga and was left HANGING on the finale of part 1 (I don’t know why they decided to take this route, why not call it season 4?) I am extremely excited. Without giving away too many spoilers, I am really hoping that this season, sorry, part gives us all the juicy details of the titans origin and the walls that surround the city. Definitely 100% going to be watching this one.

One Punch Man Season 2 – Premiere April 10, 2019

Action – Comedy – Parody – Superpowers – Seinen 

“Saitama is a guy who’s a hero for fun. After saving a child from certain death, he decided to become a hero and trained hard for three years. Though he’s now so strong he can defeat any opponent with a single punch, lately he feels as if, in exchange for overwhelming power, he’s lost something even more important.”

I have a confession. I haven’t even finished the first season of One Punch Man. It is okay, you can take away my anime card. In all seriousness, the announcement of the second season lit a fire within me and I am now ready to get it finished and move on!

I have heard through the grapevine that there are a handful of people out there that are worried about this season. Apparently, a new studio has taken over the reins and they aren’t ones for putting out action packed anime like One Punch is all about. I’m interested in seeing how it compares to the first and how well die hard fans take this new change.

Kenja no Mago – Premiere April 10, 2019

Action – Comedy – Fantasy – Magic

“A young man who had surely died in an accident was reborn in another world as a baby! After that, he was picked up by the patriot hero “Sage” Merlin Wolford and was given the name Shin. He was raised as a grandson by Merlin and soaked up Merlin’s teachings earning him some shocking power however, when he became 15 his grandfather Merlin said: “I forgot to teach him common sense”! An “abnormal” boy’s unconventional other world fantasy life starts here!!”

Another isekai! If you were unaware, isekai has now been added to the genre list and it basically means a character gets transferred from their original world to another strange, usually fantasy, type world. I feel like almost every anime that has been released in the last year has had isekai written all over it. I will, of course, be giving this a chance but I am so SO done with isekai right now. So lets just move on before this turns into a rant article.

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)- Premiere April 6, 2019

Action – Demon – Historical – Shounen – Supernatural

“Since ancient times, rumors have abounded of man-eating demons lurking in the woods. Because of this, the local townsfolk never venture outside at night. Legend has it that a demon slayer also roams the night, hunting down these bloodthirsty demons. Ever since the death of his fathter, Tanjirou has taken it upon himself to support his mother and five siblings. Although their lives may be hardened by tragedy, they’ve found happiness. But that ephemeral warmth is shattered one day when Tanjirou finds his family slaughtered and the lone survivor, his sister Nezuko, turned into a demon. Adding to this sorrow, a demon hunter named Tomioka Giyuu arrived and was about to finish Nezuko off, but to his surprise she and Tanjiro started to protect each other. Seeing this oddity and Tanjiro’s promising fighting skills, Giyuu decides to send them to his old mentor to be trained. So begins Tanjiro’s life as a demon hunter, bound on a quest to cure his sister and find the one who murdered his entire family.”

Now this is the kind of anime I’m looking for! Having a nice and spicy supernatural, demon, shounen type anime sprinkled into the usual slice of life school mumbo-jumbo is so refreshing. After watching the trailer for the first time I was instantly hooked on the animation. The art style is very different and has some really interesting and subtle quirks that I think will make this anime a treat to watch for that itself. After some more research I found out that ufotable are the studio that are behind this gem. They have done other anime such as Fate/Zero and God Eater, both of which have great stories and amazing animation even furthering my curiosity.

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn) – Premieres April 7, 2019

Comedy – Harem – Romance – School – Shounen 

“Yuiga Nariyuki tutors three genius of different subjects in highschool to get a scholarship. Furuhashi Fumino is a genius on literature but horrible in math, Ogata Rizu is a genius on mathematics and science but literature and arts are terrible subjects for her and Takemoto Uruka is a genius in the athletic field but really bad in all the others. Together, they study very hard and want to get better at their worst subjects while Fumino and Ogata wants to go to college and work on these subjects for life.”

A bunch of girls who are specifically smart in only one subject but dream to have a future in one they are absolutely terrible at? Sounds like my life in a nutshell, minus the harem and romance. I’m really hoping this anime is filled to the brim with comedy or it might be just a typical school adventure we’ve all seen a million times.

Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (Ao-chan Can’t Study!) – Premieres April 6, 2019

Comedy – Ecchi – Romance – Shounen

“When Ao was in kindergarten, she smiled ear-to-ear as she told her classmates how her father (a bestselling erotic author) chose her name: “A as in apple and O as in orgy!” That day still haunts her ten years later as she studies with a single goal in mind: get into an elite university and achieve independence from her father once and for all. She has no youth to misspend and no time to think about boys … until her classmate, “King Normie” Kijima, approaches her with a shocking confession of love. She tries to lose Kijima, but he just can’t take a hint … and as her mind runs wild with impure thoughts, she realizes her father has totally influenced her!”

This is it! This is the anime that wins the anime award of 2019. Pack your bags other anime, there’s no point in even trying now. But in all seriousness, this is a plot I haven’t really seen before and I’m excited to see how it plays out. My fingers are crossed that the story itself holds up and it isn’t just an excuse to make as many inappropriate scenes as possible. Give me the rosy cheeks and awkward giggles I’ve always wanted. Please.

Fairy Gone – Premiers April 8, 2019

Action – Demons – Fantasy – Magic – Supernatural 

“The anime is set in a world where fairies possess and reside within animals, granting them special powers. By surgically removing and transplanting the organs of a possessed animal into a human, humans can partially summon the fairy and use it as a weapon. Eventually, such individuals were used for war, and were called “Fairy Soldiers.” After a long war, these soldiers lost their purpose, and had to reintegrate into society. From the government, to the mafia, and even becoming terrorists, each tread their own path. The story begins nine years after the end of the war, and centers on the protagonist Maria. Maria is a fresh recruit of “Dorothea,” an organization dedicated to the investigation and suppression of fairy-related crimes and incidents. Even in peacetime, the government is still unstable after the war. Many criminals still have lingering wounds from the previous conflict, and there are terrorist groups bent on revenge. This is the story of Fairy Soldiers seeking their own justice in a chaotic postwar world.”

I think I have a type this season and that type is supernatural, demon anime. Every strange anime I hear or read about make me jitter with excitement. Maybe I’ve watched so many slice of life and idol anime I need a break? Who knows. Either way, this anime looks the most interesting to me for the whole spring season. The idea of transplanting organs from faerie possessed animals into humans seems so strange I can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities. In the trailer, one of the faeries seemed so cute and I can’t wait to see all the other ones, but I doubt that’ll be the theme for the whole series. I see spooky in my future.

Fruits Basket: 1st Season – Premieres April 6, 2019

Comedy – Drama – Fantasy – Romance – Shoujo – Slice of Life 

“High school student Tohru Honda begins living alone in a tent after she loses her mother, who was her only remaining family member. However, it turns out that the land she pitches her tent on is part of the distinguished Sohma family estate! When Shigure Sohma sees the value of her housekeeping skills, Tohru ends up living with Yuki Sohma, who is essentially the prince of her school, and Kyo Sohma, who regards Yuki as the enemy. Still, there’s something Tohru doesn’t know yet: the Sohma family has been bound for centuries by a horrible curse…”

Have you seen Fruits Basket? Have you heard about Fruits Basket? Are you gonna watch Fruits Basket? Are you not interested in Fruits Basket? The only answer to any of those questions is – I am definitely going to watch Fruits Basket.

Shoumetsu Toshi (Where I End and You Begin) – Premieres April 7, 2019

Action – Adventure – Drama – Mystery – Fantasy 

“One day, a city suddenly disappears. Takuya, a professional by-the-contract courier and lone wolf, meets Yuki, the only survivor from the city’s extinction. The two rely on a message from Yuki’s father, who was heard to be missing, and head toward the disappeared city, Lost. However, unexpected obstacles strike before the pair, with the reality especially shocking for Yuki. Before them are the feelings of those left behind, a mysterious group manipulating in the shadows, and unveiling the hidden conspiracy. Takuya and Yuki, who both were initially strangers, would deepen their bond during the journey and unravel the mystery of the Lost city.”

I honestly have no idea what to think of this anime. The synopsis and trailer don’t go into too much detail, which at this point I can’t tell if its a good or bad thing. Either way the mystery and fantasy tag have me interested enough to give it a shot.

Gunjou no Magmel (Magmel of the Sea Blue) – Premieres April 7, 2019

Action – Adventure – Fantasy – Shounen – Superpower

 “One day in the middle of the pacific ocean a miracle occurred, a new continent appeared out of nowhere! The new continent was the home for new and mysterious plants, creatures and minerals! Humanity is excited as the age of exploration has returned.”

Did you watch the trailer? What is even going on?! Dinosaurs, superpowers, military? Another anime I have no idea what is actually going to happen plot wise but I’ll give it a chance to at least say I tried. It’s in the top anime list so its has to have something interesting in it?

Final Thoughts

Spring 2019 seems a bit lackluster in comparison to the winter season. There’s maybe 2 or 3 I am super excited to watch and the rest are just something to pass the time and try out. Of course, these are all my thoughts and chances are there are a few you are looking forward to watching and totally disagree with me on. With that being said, are any of these worth watching to you? Any that I’m missing? Please let me know in the comments, I breathe anime and need more to watch!

Geegiiee is a great cosplayer and gamer based in Canada! When she is not attending various conventions in awesome costumes, she can be found online slaying internet dragons with friends. She is hardworking, dedicated, and a pretty darn smart cookie! I recommend chatting her up at conventions if your paths cross!

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