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Top 5 Games from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Top 5 Games from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Maybe you’re a lifelong fan who remembers waiting in line for that strange George Lucas movie. Maybe some of your earliest memories are of watching weathered copies of the original trilogy on VHS. Maybe you’re a more recent or younger fan who remembers pretending to be Darth Maul wielding a $5.00 plastic lightsaber, or maybe you’re brand new to the fandom all wide eyed and bushy tailed after seeing The Force Awakens for the first time. Whichever your story, the Star Wars universe is FILLED with content and ways to explore. From movies, to books, to television shows, and especially video games. Ever since it made its debut in the digital playground we have been blessed (and cursed) with plenty of Star Wars games and since I can, I decided to share my personal picks for which games were strongest in the Force

Sorry this one did not make the cut

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”-Bioware

If I had to choose only one game to play for the rest of my life I would choose this one in a heartbeat. One of the most popular choices for best Star Wars game by nearly every poll I’ve seen throughout the years, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was one of the games that put Bioware on everyone’s radar. With a story that can stand up to the original trilogy, amazing supporting characters (looking at you HK-47!) and an engrossing atmosphere that sucks you in from the opening title scrawl to the last moment of the credits, this game has stood the test of time in nearly every aspect and is a near flawless production. While graphically it doesn’t hold up to today’s standards and the game play is something to be desired: the story and the pure atmosphere of this game makes it stand out as one of the best, if not THE best Star Wars game of all time.

“Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy”-Raven Software

There is one very VERY big reason this game deserves its slot in this list. A reason that no other game since has been able to nail. Lightsaber combat. Holy hell the lightsaber combat. To this day Jedi Academy sports the best lightsaber controls in the industry to date and it STILL has plenty of player support in its other incredible feature: the multiplayer. Multiplayer plus amazing lightsaber game play equals some of the BEST multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had. Maybe one day another game will come along and show us a current gen game with this level of amazing lightsaber combat but until that day God bless Raven Software for making this beauty!

“Star Wars Battlefront II”-Pandemic Studios

There was no way this game would be left out in the cold. Star Wars: Battlefront II is the best Star Wars shooter of all time and one of the best overall multiplayer experiences in gaming that in many ways puts even its current gen iteration to shame. From a full campaign following the 501st through the Clone Wars and beyond, Galactic Conquest where you can face off against a friend and try to control the galaxy one battle at a time, to the glorious space battles where you can either mount up on your favorite starfighter or invade an enemy capital ship and take it down from the inside out! Like Jedi Academy before it, even today it has a dedicated player base on the PC so the good times can keep on rolling even a decade after its launch.

“Star Wars: Empire at War”-Petroglyph

I’m a fan of RTS games. I have plenty of fond memories spending hours on Warcraft III or Starcraft. When I heard about a Star Wars RTS game needless to say I was all about that. Taking tried and true elements from successful RTS games with a Star Wars flavor, Star Wars Empire at War is crazy addictive and you can easily lose track of time as you control a small fleet of Corellian Blockade Runners in a hit and run strike on the Kuat shipyards or commanding Imperial Stormtroopers to march through a dense forest against some Rebel scum. This game is virtual crack and I am not looking to get clean anytime soon.

“Star Wars: Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II”-Lucasarts

One of the best games to grace the Game cube, Rogue Squadron II is probably the game I want to see a sequel to the most out of every game on this list. For a franchise that has such legendary ships like X-Wings, TIE Fighters and the legendary Millennium Falcon there is a criminal lack of good flight combat games. However even if we were drowning in a sea of them this title would still stand as proudly as it does now. Sporting a huge variety of ships throughout the franchise this game never loses its entertainment value. I mean cmon…you get to fly a X-Wing what more do you want?!

Look how far we have come…

If you’re looking to wet you beak on some Star Wars goodness these five games will not disappoint you. Outside of graphics all of these titles stand the test of time and overall are very cheap and easy to get a hold of! I would ramble on longer and have a more eloquent ending to wrap this article up but after writing all of this I can’t put off loading up some of these games again!

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