Tucson Comic-Con 2018 Review

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Every single year, I hear from all of our dear friends about how wonderful Tucson Comic-Con and every single time I was filled with such regret that I was unable to go. That is way this year I cleared my schedule so I could attend and I am so glad I did!

Tucson Comic-Con takes place in Tucson, Arizona, at the Tucson Convention Center. Although this facility is quite large, it is clear that they are in need of a bigger venue by how quickly the parking lot was filled and how packed the event was, even on a Sunday!

The cosplay community was out in full force as we saw our homies there from professionals like Amberskies Cosplay, Khainsaw, Amberbrite Cosplay, Rosanna Rocha and indies like Barely Normal Fay and Brooke Emelia Cosplay! Every single one of them were in fantastic costumes entertaining attendees and having fun!

At the convention they had a number of vendors from talented artists like Sincerely Sam, who was reading fortunes left and right, to local charity groups like Justice League AZ, and even game stores! I loved the mix of indies and big brands who showed up to sell their goods.

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In the very back of the convention center, they had a huge line up of awesome food trucks ready and willing to feed hungry nerds at fair prices. I personally chowed down on a Cuban sandwich and it was glorious! TCC gets huge props from me for their diverse food options!

During the weekend, they also had literal wrestlers wrestle in a ring for the enjoyment of con goers and would frequently do shout outs or announcements on the intercom. It was fun to her which husbands got lost or get to cheer at little kids finding their parents. A personal favorite aspect of mine was their area dedicated solely to table top gaming. Getting to listen to folks play Dungeons & Dragons or try out new board games was a load of fun.

Cobra Arcade had their fair share of arcade cabinets for folks to play on and even a huge Super Nintendo controller that actually worked!

All in all Tucson Comic-Con was a great convention all around. It is absolutely worth a trip down to Tucson and the price of admission in exchange for a good time with awesome people! My only regret is that I did not come down sooner!

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