Vandalism at Gotham City Comics and Collectibles!

Gotham City Comics

There are a lot of great comic book shops around Arizona who help Geeks finds that right series for them. Gotham City Comics and Collectibles in particular is beloved by many in Arizona for their outstanding customer service and incredible storefront. That is why it is so sad to hear that on Sunday, 8/18 they informed their fans that someone damaged their property!


The Geek Lyfe: What caused this damage?

GCCAC: Someone tried breaking through the door is all we know. Just a little set back but we ran a sale today and a lot of people came out and got some great deals and helped us out at the same time. We have a great fan base and community.

Despite this misfortune, it is great to know that the community came out to support them in their time of need! We love Gotham City Comics, they are absolutely one of our favorite places to buy graphic novels and collectibles. Definitely check them out and give them the financial love they deserve so they can bounce back even faster! The sale might be over but they have a ton of great wares you’ll no doubt want!

For more information on Gotham City Comics and Collectibles, check out theirĀ Facebook page. They are located in Mesa, Az on 46 West Main Street 85201.


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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | |

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