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Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest Has Given Me the Best Gaming Community Experience

This is the second article I have written about Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest. For those who are unaware, it is a real-time strategy mobile game based off Warhammer Fantasy. You play as a Chaos Lord whose sole purpose is to gain enough power to destroy the Humans otherwise known as the Empire. You build your base, dedicate yourself to one of the four chaos gods, summon demons, build an army, and then slay your enemies.

Is it a good game? Yes. The developers dedicate a lot of time and energy in adding new content, they keep good communication with fans online, and even weather cancer storms that sometimes take place on their official Discord channel in order to answer questions. The visuals are great, the artwork is awesome, and the gameplay is better than most on the market today. I encourage anyone who enjoys fantasy and base builders to check it out because it is a solid game.

However, I have already reviewed the game. The reason I am here is to tell you how this pay or wait game has offered me the best gaming community I have ever had.

It all started one fateful day where I saw an ad for the game on Facebook and decided to try it out. I then convince two of my friends to join. Together we played casually and made our own guild. Around the time we had 5+ hour wait times, I grew bored with the game itself and contemplated quitting.

That is when a player named Dfreamwraith(whose name will forever be etched into my mind) attacked me and my friends without mercy. He had been a higher level and none of us had been online to defend ourselves, not that we would have known how anyway. But I watched it happen as I was on a call at my job, mustering the best customer service voice I could while my phone blew up with notifications of my demise.

By the time I got off the phone, I checked and found out that all of my resources were gone, my entire army is killed, and I got hit so bad that it gave me a free shield and teleported my base away from that player. I then found out that my friends had been destroyed as well. For whatever reason, that series of attacks on me and my friends fueled my rage and I decided to stick with the game.

I played every single day, checking my base between calls, raiding others during lunch etc. I promised myself that I would never get hit like that again. Well, on a lunch break my phone came up with a PTSD inducing notification that a player was on their way to destroy my keep. I checked and sure enough, he was almost double my level. Thinking fast, I popped a shield and watched in relief as his army turned around.

Then I got the message.

I see you and your friends are active. You’ll join my clan or get destroyed. Let me know.

While my pride told me to stand and fight, when I came to my friends and asked them they merely said “Really? Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! They have a lot of members so it’d probably help.” Deflated, I decided to go along with it. their name was Beastmasters and they were a mid-tier clan who were strong enough to be respected but weak enough to never accomplish much of anything. Yet they were kind, generous, and had zero issues giving us advice on how to improve.

What made everything even more charming was that many players were from countries outside of the US and thanks to a decent translator/context clues, we were able to chat with one another. When they cursed, it was confusing and yet cool. Some players spoke in English deliberately in order to improve in writing and reading in a second language. Plus we all loved Warhammer so we got to chat about our love for the lore and so much more.

In World of Warcraft and League of Legends, I had lots of friends who played, I would spend hours upon hours in Discord or Ventrilo with them just chatting. We would raid all expansion long or play game after game in the seasons. While those times were enjoyable, it had also been fleeting. Guilds usually only last so long since you’d join together to raid, beat the bosses and then leave. Every single week, again, and again, and again until you could do those fights in your sleep. With League of Legends, you win games or lose them on the same map, warding the same bushes, and leveling/gearing the same champions.

But in Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest the experience was different. You didn’t get to choose another champion or go into the same raid every week. You had one single base that grew over time into something stronger. Your clan was filled of people who also had bases that were unique to their chosen build. Even the highest level player on the server was still trying to get stronger. There was no ceiling for this game. This sense of permanence made everything so much more enjoyable due to the fact that you will always have this base and when you dedicate yourself to a Chaos God, you were locked in otherwise, you’d have to dedicate a ton of time and resources in leveling those other shrines dedicated to the Chaos Gods.

What made the game even more fun? War.

After a couple of weeks with Beastmasters, we were informed that we were at war with one of the best clans on the server: Infamous. The officers told us to keep a shield up at all times or risk getting destroyed by their players. Being the prideful player I was, I decided to fight. I searched the map for players in their clan that were my level and fought them.

Then I learned about the term: Whales. Otherwise known as players who have such a huge power level due to spending a tremendous amount of money on the game. This one, in particular, was named Mulan and was and still is the strongest of them all. Mulan found me and hit me. With one single attack, it devoured a majority of my army and my resources. I told my clan and they told me all to run for my life. I spammed the teleport button as fast as I could and within minutes Mulan appeared in my shadow, hitting me once again.

A scene from that conflict:

I was devastated that Mulan was so jaw-droppingly powerful and there was nothing any of us could do. Eventually, the leader of Beastmasters came to us and advised that he had been offered a chance to merge with a guild called Huns. They were stronger, had more players, and with their might, we would be safer. The clan had been devastated that our family would be torn apart, especially since all of the stronger players would be going to Huns1 to fight in the war while Hun2 would take the smaller players and be allowed to grow in relative peace.

To our surprise, Huns2 was a lot of fun. They were stronger, had a bigger player base, and we learned a lot. Unfortunately, one of the three friends I had started with had not been able to play as much as the others and had been kicked. While I fought to get him re-invited, he decided it was best he walk away since the game demanded so much attention.

However, I wasn’t long before the leader of Huns2 informed us that Huns originally started as a group of dear friends who were Turkish. But they had been losing the war to Infamous and racist remarks had now greeted them by their enemies. The toll became too much and they decided to all quit the game and combine the two clans with the remaining player base. Almost immediately after the merge, everyone got along super well.

Along with the merge, there had also been peace with Infamous but it came at the cost of our strongest player being forced to join their clan. After weeks of war, it was nice to finally play without the fear of being attacked. The other drawback had been the new leader, Hero Merro. He was a new player to the game and just because he was friends with our strongest player, he was given ownership over the clan. The man had no spine and constantly would hide behind the stronger players in our clan to fight on his behalf.

Twice, he tried to convince the clan to quit and merge with Infamous, becoming their second-string players and having to go along with all of their plans. Infamous earned their name as they constantly bullied other clans and players. I never forgot how Mulan treated my friends and I and knew nothing good could ever come from joining them. Twice there was a vote and then twice we voted to remain as Huns no matter what.

Ultimately I third vote was called, causing a discord for our family. There had been those who wanted more power and willingly chose Infamous, others who were vehemently against Infamous, those who wished to remain a part of Huns, and then the neutral votes for “I’ll do whatever the majority wants to do.” On this third vote, the neutrals caused the favor to tip in the side of the merger and just like that, the clan split up.

I was devastated. Over the course of five months of gaming, Warhammer Chaos and Conquest had become a support pillar. It was around this time that COVID-19 grew in terror and shut down my many other supports. That is when I found out about a clan of rebels by the name of Demonkin, the third-best clan on the server who vowed to fight against Infamous due to their bullying nature. I gladly applied however they had grilled me about whether or not I had been a spy.

Yup. A spy was known as a player who joins a clan solely to report back where players are, what they are doing, and worst of all: Who is unshielded and offline. That way their stronger players could easily undermine their rivals. I ultimately had been allowed to join under the promise I’d do whatever I could to help them out. Fighting, gathering resources, helping defeated players. I was down for it all so long as it meant I got to give the middle finger to Infamous and their Whales.

These players were unlike any of the others. They were smart, cunning, hardworking, and fought as a unit. They had guides and strategies that they encouraged members to learn. It didn’t take long for them to like me and my friend. Especially when we hit and got hit by their rivals.

Then it happened. Infamous, who at this time had been the strongest on the server had joined forces with the Dark Angels, who were the second strongest on the server. Together they decreed that they would be taking over the part of the world that had the most resources The Southern Empire.

The server chat exploded in an uproar as this new alliance advised everyone that we all had a weel to leave otherwise they would sick their whales onto all of us. One by one the whales on the server joined them. Leaving the alliances to fend for themselves without dropping a ton of money into the game. Naturally, our leader, Huntress, declared that we’re in all out war against them and to not let them enjoy a moment of peace.

It was like a scene out of Lord of the Rings. Except with more typos and foreign insults.


I was all too down for a rebellion. The clans of the server had been split between being too cowardly to fight against Infamous and the Dark Angels while the others swore they would not relent until they stopped dictating where the players could and could not go in the world. Being a part of one of the most vocal clan who hated Infamous and the Dark Angels, we were victims of their most terrible Whales: Mulan, SuperTron, and Booky. Booky had been the most aggressive player who lacked any sense of honor or morals. He just lived to destroy smaller players.

It has gotten so bad to the point where now the whales even ‘Tile Hit’ where while you try and gather resources from the world to upgrade, buy troops, or repair, they send an army to kill them. Leaving you broken and unable to recover in a reasonable amount of time without spending money or waiting until those offending players are offline.

The war for the Southern Empire has been long, drawn-out, and fierce as many of us now try to anticipate when the whales go to sleep in real life so that we can gather resources in peace. this story is not finished as it still takes place to this day on the server of Volkmar 4. With the recent news of Realm vs Realm events coming where two servers combat one another for incredible treasure, now Infamous and the Dark Angels face the issue of pleading with the server to join with them. They are surprised and concerned that so many have admitted to shielding during the event just to watch them get hit by another server’s whales.

Because of the community, the wars, and the constant threat of players always being online I find myself loving it. Despite the anxiety and frustration, I get from being assaulted by other players who are stronger than me, it feels like an authentic experience.

In other games there is only so much other players can do to you before you simply leave the server or block them but in Warhammer Chaos and Conquest, you must live in the world and you have to contribute to your server’s culture for better or worse.

This game is amazing and unforgettable, It has given me such a great distraction from these terrible times. If you need something to do as well, I’d recommend checking it out!


DeAngelo Murillo aka Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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