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What is RTP? (Explained for Kiwis)

Existed since 1895, the slot machine has attracted many players in both physical and web-based casinos. This game is quite easy to play but can provide the best gaming experience. Mind that the slot always performs to the Return to Player or RTP as stated the game rules. 

This latter allows players to increase their chances of winning. In fact, RTP is the rate of all the bet money that will return to a gambler over time. Therefore, the higher the pokies’ RTP or payback is, the bigger the chance a player has to keep his stake. How does RTP work?

How does it work?

Return to Player known also theoretical payout percentage is the value of the wagered money that will be returned to the players in the form of winnings. If you open an account to the highest payout online casino in New Zealand with a house edge of 5%, then the RTP of the games can be 95% (100%-5%). In New Zealand, online gambling has shown remarkable growth and the Kiwi players have a choice regarding the online casinos and payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. 

When a player chooses a pokie with 95% RTP, he is going to get back 95 percent on his bet. He is expected to return £0.95 in £1.00 over a long period of plays. Hence, before choosing a suitable payment option and moving money, it is important to understand the RTP of the slot that you are going to choose. 

There are two options to learn the RTP of a slot: 

  1. the first one is by checking the slot because its RTP is usually shown on the game. If it is not the case, you can check it on the info page. 
  2. The second option is to calculate a Return to Player which does not need a complicated operation. The formula is simple; the total amount returned to gamblers is divided by the total amount wagered by gamblers.

Average RTP

The average online slot RTP is from 82% to 98% and today, the new slots usually come with higher RTP. These virtual slots often offer a payback between 95% and 97%. Obviously, all the gamblers want to increase their chances with the slots that deliver the highest RTP. 

Actually, the payback is the flip of the house edge. So if a slot has an average RTP of 85%, the house advantage will be 15%. This means the casino keeps about 15% of all money bet on the platform and will return to the gamblers who win the rest of 85%. Goblin’s Cave developed by Playtech is the slot that has the highest RTP (99.32%).

The myth that casinos could change RTP

Many questions are often asked related to the RTP of each slot machine. Some players believe that the casino establishments can change the payback of the slot especially since the popularity of video slots. In addition, the players fear that the casino operators cheat by changing the slot payback. This is a misconception, although it is considered to be a real truth among the land-based and web-based casino players. 

To answer this myth, the casino owners can’t change the payout percentage of each slot because each game has a chip that determines the percentage of its payback. If the casinos want to change their slot machine RTP, they must have the EPROM chip. To change this chip, the platforms have to fill and submit paperwork. 

Obviously, they will waste time and spend money because the chip is costly. Moreover, some slots function on downloadable software from a central server. Thus, the casino operators can’t open the computer chip. To change the RTP of their slot, they must also follow principles of jurisdiction before downloading the software.

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