Why corporate social responsibility is important for Parimatch

Parimatch is a modern and popular betting company. High standards of service and an innovative approach make it possible to dynamically develop in the gambling industry market and occupy a leading position both in the opinion of clients and partners. But besides the wide range of sports betting the company is proud of its prominent foundation.

Technology and innovations are really necessary parts of successful company, but charity is the heart of everyone involved, including Katerina Biloruska Parimatch, who is a part of the company. The bookmaker doesn’t forget to help people who need it.

Collaboration as the foundation of success

Corporate philanthropy is the point where the interests of those who need help and those who are ready to help intersect. And this symbiosis is useful for everyone — big business, philanthropists, and society-people. Such cooperation is useful for everyone involved in this process, because it is in such a tandem that vital projects are born.

Thus, the activities of the Parimatch Foundation, created in 2019, are part of the global CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy of Parimatch Tech. The mission of the Foundation is to positively influence society by providing children with equal opportunities for education and sports, regardless of physical, mental abilities and their social position. Besides, The Parimatch Foundation implements socially responsible projects not only in Ukraine, but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Cyprus, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fund launched a program to support doctors.

The main activities of the fund

Loss of potential in childhood is one of the most pressing problems of today, affecting more than 200 million children around the world. There are three main directions:

  • Sports and physical culture. Development of children’s sports, assistance to young talents. Contributing to the development of sports infrastructure, helping kids with corporeal and psychological disabilities, as well as children from disadvantaged families by involving them in sports.
  • Education. Supporting innovative educational programs for children. Work to increase the availability of quality education for every child.
  • Inclusion and disability. Systematic work to eliminate walls — correlated to disability, gender, race and any other — in education and sports.

All three directions are disclosed in the comprehensive program of the Parimatch Foundation, aimed at supporting people with different disabilities and mental disabilities by involving them in sports.

The organizers note that this is only the beginning of systematic work for the right of everyone to go in for sports. The next stage will be a real dialogue with society through the delivery of messages on social networks, work with famous athletes and opinion leaders.

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