Why Kakegurui is the Best Gambling Anime Ever!

Kakegurui is a fantastic anime that revolves around gambling, in high school, and everyone who plays is always in an odd state of hysteria. It will make you want to try out all of the games to feel the insane thrill of destroying your opponent, and many of the games are available on Voodoo Dreams casino – their insane RPG theme that includes spells and cool features will make you feel like a gambling wizard. Of course, you can always wager against your friends and create that insane feeling of Kakegurui.


Let’s get into the review!


Yumeko Jabami enrolls at Hyakkaou Private Academy, where students are ranked by their gambling winnings, and fame and fortune await those who rise to the top. First and foremost the artwork is crisp. This anime found a good deal of money to ensure that the artists had plenty of resources. Every single scene is colorful and the characters are all vibrant. When they play a game the atmosphere itself shifts to match the intensity and it is beautiful.


Secondly, the music is on point as every single song is better than the last. I must have listened to the intro at least 50 times. Like the art, the music helps to make the episodes intense as the tempo picks up with fantastic music or slows it down to something more introspective. I would vouch that it is so good that you will listen to the soundtrack in your free time outside of the anime!


Third, the style of the show dances between common high school activities to hardcore gambling events where everything is on the line. When you first hear or see clips of Kakegurui it might come off too strong or suggestive but it is all par for the course and it all somehow makes sense by the end.


Kakegurui not only delivers on music and art but also storytelling as each character had their own development that causes you to grow attached to each and every person that comes across the screen. You’ll be with them through the highs and the lows. You’ll get to understand why characters act the way they do and how they were raised.


It is nothing short of brilliant!


I am confident that fans of anime will find aspects of the show that they will enjoy immensely. Kakegurui can be found on Netflix and currently has two seasons! But on top of all of that, there is a live action film of the series!



Getting to see real life people play these charismatic fictional characters is such a treat for fans!


Original Comic by: Homura Kawamoto, Toru Naomura Release in Japan: May 3, 2019 Cast: Minami Hamabe “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” Mahiro Takasugi “Before We Vanish” Elaiza Ikeda “Million Dollar Man” Synopsis: <em>Hyakkaoh Private Academy is a common elite school for the richexcept that it has a peculiar tradition: gambling skill is all it takes under the rigorous hierarchy and the student council oversees all gambling activities. A transfer student Yumeko Jabami, seemingly graceful but actually a “compulsive gambler” who finds pleasure in taking risks, gets entangled in the most intense gambling battles to win the position of student rep that whole school is vying for. 


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