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Working as a Casino Live Dealer: Is It As Good As They Say?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the perks of working as a casino dealer recently, sometimes even from family and friends. Some are also students who take on the job as a way to fund their studies or pay off a car loan. They boast of a good salary, numerous bonuses and benefits, and reasonable shifts amongst many other things.

But what most of you might be wondering is whether this job is really as good as they say, and whether it is something anyone can do. What if you don’t know a thing about gambling, and have no idea how a game of blackjack or poker is played, does that mean this job is not for you?

In this article, we’re going to lay out everything for you and hopefully answer all the questions you might possibly have about this topic.

What Does It Take To Become A Casino Dealer?

Technically, anyone can become a dealer given the proper training, but it’s certainly not for everyone. You do need to at least have a slight interest in the games because this will determine how fast you learn the how to play them, and how quick-witted you are to act in unusual situations.

Even more so, being a casino dealer is ultimately a client-facing position, so more than anything you need to be friendly, outgoing and approachable. In fact, personality and appearance play a very important role in casino dealing and is often the deciding factor when it comes to hiring employees. This is equally important for both land-based casino dealers and live casino dealers.

For those of you who might not be familiar with live casinos, they are a combination of land-based casinos and online casinos and are the latest big thing in the iGaming Industry. Live casinos provide a virtual environment that mimics that of an actual casino, in that players can interact with each other, and with a dealer, in real-time.

These casinos are hosted in studios where dealers are seated in front of cameras and screens showing each player’s move, so that he or she may deal the cards accordingly. This way, players get to enjoy the casino experience from the comfort of their home.

Needless to say that being a live dealer is not as easy as it sounds. Standing in front of the camera for hours can be very unnerving.

Training & Expectations

In order to become a casino dealer, you must first complete dealer school or vocational program. Most of the time the casino itself will provide you with that sort of training, or provide training through a vocational school.

The training takes a few weeks, usually around six, and will not only teach you all the tricks of the trade but will also teach you about laws and regulations.

You will be expected to be able to make basic mathematical calculations mentally and on the spot. You will also be expected to be sharp and have good hand-eye coordination. But apart from the technical side, and the skills that you will acquire during your training, you will also be expected to have good interpersonal skills.

Again, your personality, attire and the way you present yourself are extremely important for this role, and unfortunately, they are not something that can be taught. They are qualities that need to be found within you; so if you feel you’re an outgoing bubbly person who doesn’t find it irksome to manage a smile, then this is good news for you.

Pros & Cons

Ultimately, what we all want to know if this job pays well, and the answer to that is yes. The average salary for casino dealers is not bad at all. The average salary for casino dealers in the UK is £19,548 per year, and most of the time this is more or less equivalent to casino dealer wages in other countries. However, as you improve and gain more experience, your salary will also increase. So, you start off with $7 per hour and rise to $10 or more.

Apart from being get paid good money, you also get to enjoy many benefits and health plans, that can also effectively raise your annual salary. For example, while your base salary can be 19K, thanks to several bonuses and benefits, it can shoot up to a figure in the mid-20s. It’s especially a good wage if you’re studying at the same time. Plus, working at a casino means that there is no overtime, so once your shift is over, you’re free.

Another advantage of working as a casino dealer is the flexibility of shifts. Many dealers claim that taking time off is super easy and going on vacations has never been easier for them. In most cases, employees are asked when they are available to work, and it is only in few cases that they sometimes get asked to cover others’ shifts.

On the negative side, it would be wrong of you to assume that being a dealer is a walk in the park because it’s not. Besides learning the techniques and refining your skills, it places an enormous amount of importance on personality and appearance. You need to be very motivated and dedicated if you want to succeed in this job, which is not always easy because we’re humans after all and sometimes we just have bad times and are not in the mood to smile all the time, but as they say, the show must go on and so you can’t afford to crack in front of people or the camera for that matter.

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