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Incredible Cosplays of 2017!

Incredible Cosplays of 2017!

Over the years, costumes being worn at Comic Con events and even for Halloween have been strongly inspired by film and books. In fact, this year, Marvel Comics was a huge base for a number of top rated cosplay costumes that were seen in New York. With thousands of fans all over the world, it goes without saying that comic book characters as well as some featured in box office hits have been the main focus of costumes for a number of years.

There are certain books and films that become very popular with certain crowds and characters from these often start to play a role in everyday life. People collect items, make sure to see the latest movies with their favorite characters, start to dress like them and many will play character based games. Costumes are not the only way in which people enjoy replicating their heroes or favorite characters. Many people who enjoy gambling will find the latest and greatest slots offering themes, such as the popular Marvel Comic games or those that are focused on top rated movies like Top Gun, The Wizard of Oz and even shows like Battlestar Galactica. For those who enjoy canadian gambling, there are always amazing themed slots that depict popular characters from different cultures.

Fans flock to the Comic Con event that is held in New York, and this year, at the 12th annual event, there were some amazing cosplay costumes that were seen, celebrating movies, pop culture, television and comics. Each year, there seems to be one group of characters or a specific genre that is the most popular and many of the best costumes from this year have been focused on those.

Justice League Costumes

Since a new release of the Justice League movie was due out in November, it is understandable why many of the cosplay costumes in New York were of various League members. Aquaman, Captain America and Iron Man were a few of the characters that were seen walking around. Wonder Woman took the cake this year as the most popular DC character to be seen. Of course, many of the men at the event this year were eager to take on the role of Superman or Batman. Over the years, DC Comic characters have been heavily represented at Comic Con events and this year, a huge portion of guests and visitors were adorned in their super hero outfits.

The Walking Dead Characters

The Walking Dead had a strong presence at this year’s event and producers of the show were present to discuss the finale of season 7 and to offer an exclusive look into the upcoming season. The zombie drama has a massive fan base and many Comic Con visitors were dressed as their favorite characters from the show. One of the top costumes was Negan, the show’s villain and there were even females Negan’s roaming the Comic Con floor this year. Paired with the presence of man of the actors from the show, fans were in their glory as The Walking Dead was one of the highlights at the event.

Game of Thrones was Represented

What fan convention would be complete without the presence of Game of Thrones? This year, Liam Cunningham was at the event talking about his new show, but the highlight was some of the cosplay. With some amazing costumes being seen, Game of Thrones was surely a popular choice for those who attended Comic Con this year. The Night King and White Walker were popular costumes seen and there were even those looking to fight the White Walkers, including a few Beric Dondarrion costumes complete with flaming swords. The ladies enjoyed dressing as the Sand Snakes and a number of fans came clad as New Daenerys. There surely was no shortage of Game of Throne fans and the cosplay costumes were breathtaking and great replications of the characters from the show.

Trekkies are Still Out There

The favorite part of the convention for many is the cosplay and there were a ton of amazing costumes present this year. While most were featuring current characters from hit television shows, there are always Star Trek fans lingering and there were some great costumes present at the event. There is a new Star Trek series on the making, which brought many fans to the convention dressed as their sci-fi heroes. Many men wore Captain Kirk or Leonard McCoy cosplay costumes while the women enjoyed dressing as Carol Marcus and Nyota Uhura. Star Trek will never die and there are characters present at every convention. The 2017 NY Comic Con was no exception and even though they were outnumbered by current characters from other shows, Trekkies made their presence known.

Star Wars Characters

Star Wars has always been a top choice when it comes to convention costumes and since the very first movie were released, fans from all over the world have dressed as popular characters. With new movie releases over the years, new characters have been introduced, expanding the array of those that are seen at Comic Con events. As one would expect, this year brought out some amazing costumes. Some of the best cosplay seen were from those who were completely new to the Comic Con world. One individual received thousands of comments for his portrayal of Obi-Wan. Kevin Vallerie took weeks to create his costume and to grow a beard so that he actually felt the part. Other characters that were seen walking the floors included Poe Dameron and Rey, Bespin Leia, Galen, Storm Troopers and of course, Vader himself.

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