3 Awesome Sci-FI Media with Casinos

Despite the genre of science fiction or Sci-Fi taking place in the distant future oftentimes with concepts like flying cars, laser-based weapons, and cybernetic enhancements. They dare the viewers to consider what life could be like if we continue to encourage STEM programs. One of my personal favorite concepts is what casinos will be like in the future.

Despite the world around changing drastically, some hobbies never change at all. People love live online casino that you can play right now and it is fun to think that even 300 years from now folks will continue to play them! So here are three pieces of Sci-Fi media that feature casinos!

The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is the second film in the latest Star Wars trilogy. Focusing on the rebels racing for their lives to survive an attack by the First Order. During a tense battle in space, Finn, and Rose travel to Canto Bight. Canto Bight is a planet dedicated to catering to the whims of the elite. There they must locate the infamous codebreaker to assist them with aiding their allies.

What I love about this scene is that it has mixes of modern-day casino vibes yet there is such a diverse group of patrons showcasing that this is a galatically approved pastime.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is honestly one of the best anime series to date. It had action, adventure, deep emotional scenes, and unforgettable characters. That is why when this series about space bounty hunters came to live-action, I was beside myself with delight! The very first scene in this new series on Netflix showcases Spike helping to stop a casino robbery in progress. Not because he is a good guy but purely because the robber has a bounty on their head and Spike is there to collect.

While bullets are flying every which way, we get a glimpse of some more futuristic slot machines, ways to entice gamblers to spend their money, and yet it all feels so achievable! What I love most though is the fact that this whole experience takes place on a space station! Looking out the windows provides a beautiful view of planets, stars, and various space shuttles coming to and fro.

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner is such a great piece of sci-fi that is a prime example of how bad things can get if we as humans don’t help to safeguard our society. The planet is falling apart, humans are all reduced to small groups, and technology has gotten to the point where androids and humans look identical.

For a brief fight scene, we get to see a broken-down casino theater with holographics of great past performers like Elvis and then after the two characters stop their fight we see a geological diaster that has swept over Las Vegas as it is nothing but terrible storms that cover a majority of what was one a great city.

There you have it! Here are three fantastic sci-fi films that showcase what the future could hold for us for better or worse! I personally hope we get flying cars and

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