3 Tips on How to Use Bangalore

Hello friends and welcome to another article on how to improve your skill at Apex Legends! When you are not playing the incredible PlayAmo casino, you are no doubt grinding away in ranked matches watching your ranked points climb up and down. 

Fear not because I have 3 tips on how to use Bangalore! Bangalore is an all-around solid legend as she has survival abilities and an incredible ultimate that will help you to survive until the bitter end of matches, snatching you that desperately needed RP. 

Smoke Grenades Are Clutch

Bangalore’s tactical ability is a launched smoke grenade capable of obscuring vision for all players in a specific area. This ability is a tremendous asset as it can be used offensively or defensively depending on the situation. 

If you are in the middle of a firefight and you or someone needs to heal, you can fill the area with smoke to give you precious seconds to heal up or escape. On the other hand, if you are being pinned down by a sniper, you can launch your grenade at them to force them to cease fire or relocate, both options provide you ample opportunity to escape. 

Passive: Double Time

Bangalore’s passive ability is Double time which allows her to increase her movement speed when being engaged by enemies. This increase in speed helps to run away from or into the fight as the situation calls for. 

This can help build distance between you and another player or close the gap so that you can get the jump on healing enemies or get in close for a well-placed shotgun blast. 

Rolling Thunder

Bangalore’s ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder which calls a barrage of missiles that falls from the sky before exploding one by one damaging and slowing enemies who are too close to the strike zone. 

Although this ability sounds powerful, it deploys at a slow enough speed that gives all players the chance to escape. However, its true strength lies in its intimidation. When the missiles fall from the sky, it steals the attention away from all players from combat or healing and forces them to race away from the area.

This is a fantastic way to use in an escape or to shake up a firefight that is not in your favor. After the missiles explode, the fight can resume and hopefully allow you to be in a better shape to take on your enemies. 

Bangalore is one of the most reliable Legends in the game due to having a lot of options for whatever situation comes up in a match. With these tips, you’ll be that much more ready to face off against enemy players and get enough RP to rank up! 

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