4 Ways Teachers Can Support Students

Teachers do much more than just teach their subject matter. They also act as an important role model and confidant to their students and provide a valuable source of emotional support. Effective teachers use a wide range of techniques to motivate their students and help them be successful. 

Here are four ways teachers can support students inside and outside of the classroom:

1. Understand the importance of your role

Teachers play a vital role in the education sector and society as a whole. They teach students the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in later life and achieve their goals. They also build strong and meaningful relationships with their students and support them throughout their school life. 

Teachers must understand and appreciate the importance of their role. For example, studies have highlighted the importance of student literacy and reading in student development and success. Teachers must be aware of the impact that they have on their students’ lives and feel passionate about the role. 

2. Create an inclusive environment 

Teachers can create an inclusive environment by expressing a positive attitude towards all students and including students with special education needs within mainstream teaching. According to Reading Rockets, “inclusive classrooms support the diverse academic, emotional, and social needs of all students.”

Create a welcoming classroom environment and encourage students to get involved with learning tasks, ask questions, and socially engage with their peers. Teachers should also educate their mainstream students on the importance of acceptance, tolerance, and working together as a team. 

3. Be a positive role model

Teachers are powerful role models for all of their students, and they should lead by example. Children imitate the behavior of those around them, especially the people they look up to, like their parents and teachers. 

Teachers should inspire their students and encourage them to go after their goals and achieve greatness. Weareteachers.com advises that teachers can be positive role models by helping students identify what they value, encouraging growth, and teaching students how to deal with stress and emotions. 

4. Ask for feedback 

Teachers can get valuable feedback from their students on how to improve their teaching and provide better support. Children may be able to provide valuable suggestions to create a more welcoming and inclusive learning environment. For instance, decorating the walls in bright, cheerful colors may lift students’ moods and provide inspiration and encouragement. 

The best way to obtain honest feedback is by asking students to fill out an anonymous survey or to put their suggestions in a feedback box in the classroom. Teachers should thank students for their suggestions and contributions. Asking for opinions and showing appreciation will help teachers build stronger relationships with their students. 


Teachers support their students in various ways, both inside and outside of the classroom. They create a safe and inclusive environment where students can explore, experiment, and learn. These tips will help you support your students more effectively and achieve your learning outcomes.

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