5 Reasons to be excited about Emerald Templars

Emerald Templars, a dark fantasy tabletop role-playing game will be coming in 2022 and I am so stoked to share it with you all! However, due to this being an indie tabletop role-playing game, I wanted to share with you 5 reasons to be excited about Emerald Templars so that it helps bring you up to speed!

Indie Created

When it comes to Emerald Templars, there is no big business support. All of the artwork, writing, editing, and game design is being created by indie creatives. What this means is that all of the money being distributed is going into the pockets of hardworking artists giving them credit, money to pursue their own passions, and creative freedom to make what they would like within reason!

Rarely do we get to see this happen with a tabletop RPG!

Diverse Writing Team

When you explore the world and lore of Emerald Templars, you will quickly notice that the world is unlike most works of fantasy. The major nations in the game are influenced by real-life cultures and a majority of the world-building for those areas, monsters, and culture will be writers who are from those same cultures. This gives a platform for writers to bring proper representation to their culture in a way that does not currently exist. The goal is that the next generation of little geeks will be able to crack open Emerald Templars and see a wealth of representation that many POC gamers wish they had access to when we were younger!

Dark Fantasy Setting

In the world of Emerald Templars, the world is under constant threat of chaos magic causing devastation or old gods being freed to wreak havoc on the mortal realm. In order to combat that threat, the Emerald Templars are there to protect their land with all of their might. Some creatures are created from the most forbidden of magic while others are forged by the gods themselves. It will require not brawn but wit and courage to overcome many challenges in the world.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

During the adventures, it is inevitable that the world will widdle the adventures down not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. There is no way any mortal creature can fight overwhelming odds and always be stable, they will become overwhelmed if their needs are not cared for. In order to not become overwhelmed, players can take on roles such as medics, therapists, cooks, and more to help assist their party with maintaining their peace.

Randomized Tables

While playing Emerald Templars, your experience may change drastically depending on the rolls you make. If players land on specific numbers while using spellcasting, praying to their god, or even performing an advanced fighting technique, there is a chance for chaos to occur. There are three randomized tables built that could help or hurt you in the middle of a battle.

The stronger the ability, the higher the risk! Some classes even lean into the chaos, attempting to wield its power for their own benefit. But be warned, because enemies also benefit from the randomized tables as well! this ensures that you never quite know what will happen during a session!

There you have 5 reasons to be excited about Emerald Templars! For more information feel free to check out the dedicated page on it! Currently, I am in the stage of finding financial support for the game but will provide updates in the future!

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