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5 Tips to Save Money on G2A Games

In case you haven’t heard of it, G2A is a peer-to-peer marketplace that offers access to software, including games, for less. But it’s never good to be content with a saving until you’ve looked to see if you can get even MORE savings, and if you play your cards right, you can save on G2A games. Here’s the inside information you need.

1. Watch the Sales

G2A games features a weekly sale page, and it’s well worth checking out the offers. We have seen discounts of up to 93 percent available on leading game titles that everyone’s paying more for elsewhere.

Although quite a lot of the sale games will be older ones, choosing a classic winner like Minecraft won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

2. Use G2A Loot Boxes to Get Games Free or Buy Cheap Bundles

Use G2A’s system of reflinks to earn loot points you can trade for free loot boxes. Loot boxes contain several games, and when you open yours, you will get a random one free. That’s right, you can actually get free access to premium games you’d ordinarily pay for!

You can also bid on “bundles.” In this instance, you say how much (or how little) you’re willing to pay and wait to see if someone is willing to sell at that price.

3. Don’t Go Bananas

With access to so many games for so cheap, you might be tempted to grab everything that looks appealing. Don’t impulse shop. Read reviews, check out the gameplay, and decide whether you’ll actually spend time playing the game. If you are likely to get enough entertainment, it’s worth the money – but not if you’re going to glance at it and then abandon it.

4. Watch Out for Freebies and Discount Coupons

Not all free games are mediocre and loaded with annoying advertising. Always browse free games before progressing to paid ones. You might be surprised at what you can find there and since access is free, it doesn’t matter if you change your mind a few times before settling on one you’ll play.

You should also look out for free coupons. You won’t necessarily find them on-site. Instead, browse coupon specialist sites. If you don’t think coupons are worth hunting for, think again. The current offer on coupon site DontPayFull could get you up to 99 percent off G2A Games.

5. Sell what you Don’t Use

When you buy games, always think about the possibility of selling them one day. Although most games operate from online platforms these days, it’s usually possible to link an ID in such a way that you can sell it later.

It’s also worth remembering that if you’ve played for some time and have progressed to a high level, selling your place in a game can bring you a lot of money.

Games are Products Too

If you’re a smart shopper, you don’t just buy products at any price they happened to be offered. You’re looking for a good deal and you’re ready to shop around. The same applies to shopping for G2A games. Take your time, and NEVER pay the full price.

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