7 Cool Anime to Watch in 2021

The industry of anime keeps on prospering. If you’re in love with Japanese comic books, manga, you’ll love it. If you’re looking for memorable moments and shocking twists, consider the latest releases from this genre.

Kemono Jihen

This one is available since Jan 10. Directed by Masaya Fujimori, this work takes us to the story of one amazing creature. Not a human, not yet a monster, Kabane Kusaka is evaded by other kids. The thing is a demon known as kemono inhabits his body. They interact with human beings but cannot be seen with a naked eye. Kabane is not a typical outsider but is rather possessed with a life calculus. The Kemono Office agency helps to disclose the truth about his origins. It’s a great opportunity to get familiar with Japanese folklore horror.

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The Promised Neverland

Those who enjoyed season one will most probably love the sequel. Anime adds its flair though it still goes hand in hand with manga. A trio of talented children at an isolated, idyllic orphanage one day finds out that there is a mystery behind their existence. They try to detect the sinister purpose they were born for, looking for all possible ways to escape. They don’t forget to take their fellows with them. The caretaker is the main villain of the story. The animation is a joy to behold. If you’re the only one who felt the story was not over, you’re right. The anime creators will introduce a new plot.


Godzilla: Singular Point

Even if you hate anime but can call yourself a fan of a popular franchise Godzilla vs. Kong, you should capture this anime to learn more about your favorite characters. Perhaps, the original story will impress you and turn your world upside down. Bones and Orange studios contributed a lot to the creation of this TV series. Expect classic mecha, Jet Jaguar, to come back. Just watch out for the release on Netflix.



The sequel keeps on getting more viewers thanks to the amazing sense of humor. Since 2016, this Japanese comedy has been attracting all generations around the globe. The original story of Natsume Akatsuki served as the basis for this anime. It did not start that much fun: a teen named Kazuma died in an accident. However, he was blessed to be accompanied by the goddess known as Aqua. Some of the latest episodes are turned into movies just like they did with Pokemon. Anime freaks will love it!


Vlad Love

Mamoru Oshii makes his masterpiece play like a low-stakes and silly return to his roots. Be ready to face weird meta-gags and non-sequiturs. The author loves adding more elements of retro animation to make this anime look more bizarre. The episodes focus on a vampire girl and a high school girl of her age. As you may guess, it has a lot to do with vampire romance.


Wonder Egg Priority

Many poignant and beautiful anime exist. This TV series can boast a seemingly joyous tone. On the other hand, it has a philosophical context that can even make you sad another time.

The main plot does not seem fun from the beginning. The main heroine’s best friend commits suicide. Ai Ooto, the girl who survived, is trying to find some good reasons to keep on living and help others get rid of suicidal thoughts. One day, she purchases the so-called Wonder Egg. Then, she meets some strangers. Ai Ooto’s mission is to get to know them better and overcome various challenges associated with these people. You will remember the brightest episodes of this Japanese drama long after you watch it for sure.


NOMAD: Megalo Box

This year, you have an opportunity to go on with NOMAD in the second season of this anime. The plot occurs in a futuristic universe. One of the local types of entertainment is Megalo Box. It is different from the traditional version of this sport. The idea is that the boxers should fight each other being enhanced with metal frames, making it more dangerous and challenging.

The last time we left the main hero named Joe, he seemed to be a more-or-less optimistic kind of guy. Do not expect him this way in season 2, as his world has turned upside down. Joe keeps on attending underground matches, doing his job. However, he is riddled with guilt and shame. This airing series will let you know more about how the life of Joe changes with some lachrymatory flashbacks.

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