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A Guide to the Safest Poker Rooms Online

One of the biggest advantages of online gambling is that you can do it from anywhere, and make real money out of it. But there is a downside: there are plenty of poker rooms out there, which can lead to a lot of confusion and also make you wonder whether you will get scammed after investing money to put in your bets. You’ll want to rely on sites that are safe and guaranteed to be fun.

There are several reasons why playing safely is always important. You can deposit on real money poker sites to play without having to worry about your credit card numbers being compromised. If an online poker site is reliable, like those listed here at MoneyPokerSites.com, there is a high chance that you will get your winnings quickly, as compared to the sites that might deduct unnecessary fees or take too long. Your personal information is required to play on poker websites, and safe ones will have the latest encryption technology which will keep all of that information away from predatory eyes. Some unreliable poker sites could attempt at scamming its members by lagging mid-game to not hand out the well-earned winnings. This is not a problem with safe sites. Since popular and dependable poker sites have loyal customers, you will not have to worry about the sites going out of business suddenly and removing a potential source of income for you. You can always go back to trustworthy poker sites to earn some extra cash.


This site has been ranked the top poker site by many online gambling companies for the year 2019. With an average rating of over 4.5 stars, 888Poker makes sure to keep its customers happy by providing a bonus of as high as $1000 dollars when you first sign in. In some cases, it also offers an $88 bonus, excluding the sign-up one. With a bonus like this, you will be sure to make some profits in no time by analyzing how to place your bets well before having to spend any real money on it. Secure banking options are ensured on this site. If you don’t want to give out your credit card number, a PayPal option is available. On top of that, you can make fast one day withdrawals with your earnings.


Although BetOnline has been on air since 2004, its popularity heightened in 2011, and soon it became one of the safest and most popular betting sites in the US. There are amazing poker variations that are available on this site, which is often not seen on less reliable websites that put little to no effort in their poker room features. While it does not have a payout period that is as fast as 888Poker, it still allows withdrawals within a couple of days, so you can be sure of receiving that cash when you need it. Like other popular sites, this one also provides attractive sign-up bonuses, including a 100% bonus. It was one of the first ever poker websites to allow cryptocurrency deposits, which make your deposits much more secure than other methods.

Poker Stars

This website has also received a high rating by many online gambling communities. One of the ways of being sure that a poker site is safe is to check its track record. Poker Stars is one of the few and safe poker sites which does not have any scandal or scam attached to it. Furthermore, it provides quality support for those who are interested in talking to experts in order to find out the best ways of betting online. Not only does this site provide good deposit options, but it is sure to have quick and easy withdrawal processes as well.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is reputed to be the largest online poker room in the United States. As compared to other poker websites, the software used is well above average so it’s meant to keep your information secure and prevents any sort of lag while playing on all its compatible devices. It also has many policies that have been created by keeping recreational players in mind, so the games are quite high standard and entertaining. There are tournaments available on this site which goes as high as $100,000. The players at the cash game tournaments are shown as numbers on the screen, so your identity is hidden and you always play anonymously. There are no wait lists either, and you can be guaranteed a free seat to immediately start playing.

True Poker

This is the second largest poker room available online to US players. A safe poker room is one which has been online for a long time and its age is a representation of its quality and loyal members who keep the site going. True Poker has been offering its poker room services since 2001, and almost a decade down the line, it still ranks as one of the highest rated poker websites. As the years have gone by, the traffic on this website has been seen to increase greatly. They have excellent software as well, which was one of the first to offer 3D poker tables.

These are some of the top rated platforms which you can safely place your bets, but before you start playing online, remember to do a bit of research and delve into the reviews of the websites as you’re risking real money on poker. If you’re a player from the USA, we recommend you visit here to scope out some of the best US poker sites which will save you some time. Once you have found the perfect site, you can play and earn securely online without any worries.

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