All Fans of Warhammer 40k Need to Watch Astartes!

If you are like me, you gush over anything and everything Warhammer 40,000 related. Although it has such rich lore and awesome games, Warhammer 40k is still lacking when it comes to films and entertainment outside of video games and novels. That is why we freaked out with joy when we saw five fan-made shorts called Astartes!


Astartes focuses on a group of Space Marines focused on infiltrating a space vessel in order to seek and destroy an object of great terror. What I love most about Astartes is the fact that it cuts straight to the action so that every single video is jam packed with incredible content.

You almost forget that it is fan made and wonder why they are not getting additional funding so that we can have more awesome content like this! Be sure to follow them for future projects!



This is another fan made film that was made called The Lord Inquisitor! Although this is just the prologue and there is no hope for any conclusion to this project, it is still a blast to watch!


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