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Anime Series and Characters So Bad, It’ll Reduce Your Sperm Count


Anime is a fantastic medium that brings viewers incredible content, rich story lines, dynamic characters and can be an unforgettable experience. However, like all things in life, if there are characters and series that are wonderful, then there will also be anime series and characters so bad, it’ll reduce your sperm count.

Now, I have many topics I could absolutely rant about, and I will share my own thoughts, but I thought it would be even better to include the opinions of our homies! Please enjoy a mountain of salt!



Boku No Hero Academia is legit trash where the protagonist, Midoriya, cries the whole time about how helpless he is then suddenly he gets deus ex machina‘d into some strength that was just barely short of defeating the foe so that All might can arrive just in time to deus ex machina to save the day. The anime does not present novel solutions to problems and just breaks Midoriya’s limbs until he doesn’t have anything left. Granted IT HAS gotten a lot better since All Might has his spoilers spoiling stuff happen. That still leaves 2 full seasons of the same empty charade.

Also, every other character is far more interesting than Midoriya, like when he comes on screen I know I’ll be bored for the next several minutes because he’s that consistent in providing empty content. His fight scene in season 1 with Todoroki was good mostly because Todoroki had significant character development for us to give a shit about. To contrast that with Bokugo v Midoriya, that was much more boring because there was no development to be had that we didn’t already know. Just some tear jerker moments to remind us of story line from before and weightless punches.

Seven Deadly Sins
A Thief Named Alexia

Seven Deadly Sins is hot trash fire that smells like cliches and tropes with old dirty diaper. There is this one character that keeps saying CONCLUSION. It’s annoying as fuck. The announcer/narrator’s voice is like a rusty nails slowly being jabbed into my ears. All of the female characters are so stupidly sexualized.

“Hehehe I’m an idiot with giant bouncing boobs!”

Their attempt at suspense is also a joke. You know what will happen because it’s happened in all the other shitty anime. AND in all the previous episodes.

Princess Nine


No one can speak of terrible anime until they have to sit through all of Princess Nine. Literally Dragon Ball Z levels of overhyped buildup in a baseball anime but without ANY of the stuff that makes DBZ actually FUN.

Korr of Australia

Literally all anime is fucking trash reeeee.

Laughing Puffin Cosplay

Y’all, I am preparing you now, the salt is about to flow.

Katsuki Bakugou, from My Hero Academia. I know, he is a very popular character among the MHA fandom, and so many people defend him, but he is a shitty character, and a shitty person, and even if you don’t agree with me, I get it, but let me explain why this kid bugs me.

Let me begin by saying this dude is an absolute hot mess and acts as an antagonist with a protagonist ideology. On the wiki, they call him a deuteragonist (the person second in importance to the protagonist in a drama), which seems totally false!

But let’s start with backstory: Bakugou grows up with the main character, Izuku Midoriya (who is learning to become a hero, and the progression is getting better with each episode, in my opinion), and while the two kids were alright “friends” they grew distant, and now Bakugou, FOR SOME UNEXPLAINED REASON, THE BOY WON’T CHILL? Forgive me, but I personally have trouble believing that this moody, crude, arrogant child with the anger of ten feather-plucked ostriches, would just become a hate-filled adolescent teen overnight. We got some insight into this problem child’s home life in one episode, and despite the fact that his mom is hot-headed and can be kind of mean, she is an absolute delight when others are in the room, and Bakugou’s poor dad doesn’t deserve to live in a toxic household where he has to deal with bickering and explosions. He’s the true victim here!

Oh yeah, speaking of explosions, that’s his super power. Explosions. THE BOY WHO CANNOT CONTROL HIS TEMPER, HAS THE POWER TO BASICALLY START WAR.

So he struggles with the fact that his quirk and his personality need to be molded into the perfect hero. His whole character itself is ironic. And the character that deserves development is Izuku. BUT THE KIND, ADORABLE IZUKU HAS TO CONSTANTLY BE BULLIED AND IN COMPETITION WITH SPARKY SPARKY BOOM MAN (Yes, that was an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference, thank you very much).

Yeah, in the end, I see that the two freaking kids will learn from each other out as they grow up, like we see with other characters in anime: Naruto and Sasuke, or even Vegeta and Goku (which is not the greatest example, but that is a whole different rant). However, you are pushing the same poles of a magnet together with Bakugou and Izuku! What ever development their relationship may have has the risk of being completely forced.

But all character analysis aside, the dude has major issues. Teenage boys need outlets, like soccer, or metal music. But I think Bakugou needs to go deeper… like being sent to the North Pole, and camping. Maybe for a few episodes… or seasons.

Some of you may cite recent episodes where (SPOILER) Bakugou breaks down in front of Izuku… after a major fight, breaking a ton of school rules, and forcing Izuku to combat. LIKE COME ON.

They need to go watch Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and possibly Dragon Ball GT if they really want to see a character with anger issues, and proper development in which he does overcome his prior shortcomings, while still being a hot-headed, self-absorbent and an absolute snack.

Yes, I am talking about Vegeta. And if you see the irony in all this, good for you, I am going back to my hypocritical state of living.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Darth Mexican

This is a sore subject for me because the first fourteen episodes of Sword Art Online are some of my favorite in all of anime. Specifically the Christmas episode which I now watch every winter for a healthy dose of feels. However, the same series that I cherish also holds an overwhelming amount of episodes that I loathe with every fiber of my being.

The main character, Kirito, is to blame for my frustrations. Kirito is a an exceptional gamer and out performs most characters in the series which is understandable since it is revealed that he got to play the beta of this game that everyone is stuck in. Unfortunately, there are immense levels of Mary-Sueness that occur from Kirito from literally breaking the game when he gets into a fight with a developer of the actual game who has legitimate access to the code. Everyone loves him for no good reason, and he over reacts to minor conflicts while under reacting to major ones.

Granted, this is anime and there is a good bit of suspension of disbelief but then in the second season: Gun Grave Online, the new game, is all about ranged weapons. Kirito chooses to keep his melee weapons and immediately out plays all others by deflecting bullets with little to no effort and from starting level. The show is only ever enjoyable in scenes where he does not appear as the supporting cast have to actually struggle and grow in order to achieve their goals.

Also Kirito has a weird online fling with his half-sister which is super fucking weird.

Eric Gomez

I hate Gohan from DBZ. It is a shame that the once strongest DBZ character is now a shell of his former self. How can you go from fearless and one to save the planet to a coward and not willing to put in the work he did as a child.


Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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