Apple Isn’t The Mac Daddy But You Can Still Game!

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10% of all computer users own a Mac. Okay, Windows is still in front with a whopping 89% market share, but the point is that Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods aren’t the only popular items the company sells.


You might own a Mackintosh yourself, and you love it for its sleek design and simple operating system. The only thing you wish you could do was game more because Macs aren’t renowned for their gaming capabilities.


That may be the case, yet it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your favorite pastime. Here are four options for Mac owners.




One of the downfalls of Macs is that they don’t have powerful enough graphics cards, and unlike Windows PCs, you can’t replace it with a bigger one. Thankfully, there’s an alternative – the Mac Pro. Compared to other versions, the Pro is equipped with a standard graphics card that you’d find in computers that are synonymous with gaming. So, if you’re looking to buy a new laptop and want a Mac that kills two birds with one stone, you should consider the Pro. Although they’re expensive, you will save money in the long-term as their lifecycle is high.


Consider Comfortable Accessories


When you think of Apple products, you imagine the straightforward-yet-beautiful design. You can’t deny that they’re pretty and look the part. Of course, this won’t always make gaming comfortable as their slim features are rough on the body. It’s not uncommon to suffer from repetitive strain injuries, which is why an ergonomic mac keyboard is an excellent solution. That way, comfort and mobility should go hand-in-hand and prevent aches and pains. Let’s face it – your method of blowing off steam shouldn’t make you more uncomfortable and stressed. Your accessories – chair, TV, etc. – must also follow the rules of ergonomy.


Don’t Just Focus On The Mac App Store


Of course, the App Store is the first place you’re going to search when you want to buy or rent a new game. Yet, it might not include the variety of titles that you’re after. Don’t fret because there are alternatives. The best one is to look for games that are compatible on your Mac via Steam, a massive gaming retailer with tons of options. Origin, Battle Net, and GOG all have Mac clients, too. The key is to do your research as the App Store won’t always reveal the top titles.


Join Boot Camp


Boot Camp is a program that lets you install Windows software on an Apple Mac. How is this possible? It’s because Apple switched to Intel processors years ago, essentially making them similar to every other PC on the market. The only bump in the road is macOS, but this is where Boot Camp comes into play. When you use it, the program allows you to install Windows alongside Apple’s built-in software. Once you do it, you can use either partition by restarting your PC and choosing which program to run.


With Windows capabilities, you can game as normal!

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