Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua


Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua

At Amazing Arizona Comic Con I met with a good amount of artists hoping to sell their wares to fellow geeks looking for that perfect piece of art  to decorate their walls. Many of their work differed 12717176_10207669794237421_2068168351034575448_nin terms of quality, style, genre and price. Among those artists, there was one that stood out above the rest in my eyes and his name was Rick Basaldua!

Basaldua is actually from California and came down for the weekend to Phoenix just for Amazing Arizona Comic Con. I was introduced to him by a friend and immediately his charm and wit hit me like a ton of bricks. He was nothing but smiles and jokes as he drew chibi drawings of his favorite comic book characters acting silly. As an artist, he already had my respect by the amount of talent and passion he has for his work but as a human being he became incredible. Even as other people came by his booth, he’d continue to be easy going and humor everyone.

I knew that I had to interview him on him as a person and as an artist, thankfully he was kind enough to accept!

Here is my interview with Rick Basaldua!


I highly recommend following him on both Facebook and his Instagram to ensure you get all of his awesome posts! He really is a fantastic person and made me an awesome metal bat drawing!

I have to give a huge thank you to him for even taking the time to answer my questions!

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    Juana Juarez

    This guy is an arrogant tool. He acts all nice but really he is selfish, greedy, and a freeloader. He thrives off getting free gifts from his fans and only cares if they buy his stuff and “support” him. Its always about him and what he can get from people. He has zero substance. He has a rule about not buying drinks for girls but is always asking for stuff from them. Hes constantly only nice to chicks but because his bros dont have boobs hes just arrogant to them thinking hes better. I pity his guy friends and its no wonder his relationships don’t last. Dont be fooled by him. Hes only looks out for himself, his friends must be the biggest suckers or the most patient giving people. I just believe a man needs to be the man and not only take. Hes a great artist, thats about it.

    February 22, 2016
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