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Bonuses in slot machines: what kind of bonus games available in slots?

There are different online slots with bonus rounds in online casinos. They differ in themes, technical characteristics, and are classified by the number of reels, lines, available functions, and volatility. The main key types of slot machines are:

  • Three-reel;
  • Five-reel;
  • Seven-reel.

The first is classic slot games usually without interesting features. Online slot machines with 5 reels are most in-demand and have various bonus rounds, they have additional features, special images with specific functions. Seven-reel models – developments with high-quality graphics – sometimes 3D design, and many unusual functions.

The machines also differ in the number of lines. There are multi- and low-linear models. In low-linear ones, up to 5 lines are involved, the number of which cannot be changed. Usually, they use 3 reels on which classic signs fall out (7ns, bells, etc.). Besides, they often do not have additional bonus rounds, during such bonus rounds you may win huge sums of money. You can learn more about online slots with bonus rounds here – bgaoc.com/online-slots/free-slot-machines-with-bonus-rounds.

Slots with bonus rounds

Features of online slots

Online video slots have the following functionality:

  • Autoplay – allows you to start spins automatically without pressing the start button. When activated, the only thing you can do during Autoplay – a select number of auto spins, min\max bet, and stop the autoplay rotations.
  • Special symbols often are Wild and Scatter, as well as symbols that trigger the bonus round. They all increase the chances of winning.
  • Additional rounds. These include free spins, re-spins, bonus games, doubling rounds.
  • Pausing rotations. When playing a slot with this function, it is possible to manually stop the spin.

Of course, the functions mentioned above are optional. Before playing slots online, read the rules, or read the reviews to find out exactly what additional functions available in a particular game.

What are free spins and respins

Free spins are a bonus function in which the casino makes the bet on the spin and the gambler gets the payout. Free spins are found in almost all modern slot machine games; such bonuses are the most popular among gamblers. Free spins should not be confused with respins. Repeated spins allow you to start the reels again after an unsuccessful spin or if the condition for activating this function is met, for example, when a Wild fall out in a certain position. Respins are also carried out at the expense of the casino and contribute to the formation of a larger number of winning combinations.

Bonus rounds in slot machines

Slot games with bonuses are popular among gamblers, because, firstly, they have addictive gameplay, and secondly, they provide a higher probability of winning. Bonus games usually correspond to the theme and are divided into the following types:

  • Random.” A bonus combination falls randomly and triggers a bonus round.
  • Sequencing“. You need to get a sequence of images a few times in a row to active this bonus.
  • Reaction check“. This is the hardest and rarest type of bonus activation. Here you need timely click on the reels to catch the winning combination.
  • Multilevel bonus rounds, in which the player needs to complete various tasks or quests, allowing them to move on to the next stage, which gives even larger payouts.

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