Burlescapades: WildCard Volume 2 Review/Interview

Burlescapades: WildCard Volume 2 Review

There I was browsing Facebook, looking for events to attend and support local businesses when out of no where, my friend Anya Graves, announced a show she was apart of. Curious, I checked into it to find it was a burlesque show held by a trope local to Arizona called Burlescapades and their event was called WildCard Volume 2! If you are unfamiliar with what a burlesque show is, it is an event where people undress to a song in a seductive manner often with a theme and/or props. The build up to the final reveal is everything for burlesque shows and the way various performers reach their climax is an art form in itself.

I decided to attend the show and support my friend and Burlescapades! I am so glad that I did because I have a fantastic time!

Before the event, I knew only Anya Graves, afterwards the names of Mia PiaCherrieVisa VeePrimrose PathGuy H. FawkeswellSable Switch, and so many others were etched into my mind. My prior experience with burlesque was SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque which naturally features various SuicideGirls undressing to pop culture references. Though Blackheart Burlesque and WildCard were both technically burlesque shows, they could not have been more unique.

An aspect I absolutely adored about WildCard Volume 2 was the fact they featured both men and women in their line up. While this may seem odd to hear from a straight male who attended a burlesque show, I can honestly say that I felt more comfortable about my own body type to see imperfect men like Visa Vee and Guy Fawkeswell get up on stage and be alluring without rippling muscles or a six pack like you see on Magic Mike. While the thrusting and penis jokes made me laugh and turn away, I really appreciated the fact that they included them in their acts, they did a tremendous job at balancing comedy and sexual appeal.

For the women, there were so many body types that shook what their mother’s gave them in ways I never even knew could be shook. Their performances focused on more sex appeal than comedy, with themes of  being seduced by evil, watching a women decide what to wear out, learning what kind of treasure a female pirate captain has to offer and so much more. Of all of the performances I thought Mia PiaCherrie‘s deciding what to wear for the night was without a doubt the most alluring of events as it danced between being goofy with her dissatisfaction to appealing when you put on and removed each article of clothing.

Other events that caught my eye were a traditional feather dance, Maxi Millions sultry off stage-on stage dance, Primrose Path’s dark temptation, Anya Grave’s tassle twirl, Betty Jane Buxom biggest chest in the west routine and more! There was also Team Tuerff who did a number of comedy songs that tied into burlesque performances. I have to say that I had no idea what I was walking into and even being there, I still hadn’t the slightest idea what was going to come next. The only constant was that people got naked and everyone had a great time!

The price for the event ranged from $20 to $35 which was well worth the performances that took place from 9pm to 11pm and offered a meet and greet afterwards for fans to chat with their favorites and even had a station set up to take selfies at. The location was Joe’s Grotto which is a fantastic venue that many great bands come and play at. The stage was large enough to allow the performers to entertain under great lighting and surrounded by quality audio. The seating area offered plenty of seating, which were almost all sold out! If you couldn’t snag a seat there was more than enough standing areas to enjoy the show with bathrooms in reach that allowed you to answer nature’s call and tget back to the show in no time at all.  They offered drink specials that were not only great tasting but also a deal for attendees. If you got exhausted watching the performers work their magic up and down the stage, there was a food cart right outside of the venue that offered quality burgers, hot dogs, pretzels, and more at affordable prices. The mix of great food,  drinks, and entertainment made it a fantastic.

I had the opportunity to talk with some members of the trope about the event and their previous experiences, I hope you enjoy!

All in all, I had a the best time at the show and highly recommend folks check out Burlescapdes and all of their future events! They change their skits up every performance to offer something new and unique for their viewers. This group really does put their heart and soul into everything they do and it just shines when they hit the stage. It is incredible to have such vibrant talent in Arizona and can not wait for their next show!

Be sure to check out another burlesque show at Phoenix Comicon called Nerdlesque which is operated by Sable but features a number of Burlescapade performers.


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