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Cashback Casinos in Finland

The idea of cashback bonuses has its roots in the land-based casinos. VIP customers were often provided with additional benefits such as free upgrades for the hotel room, lunch, and dinners or other exciting prizes. Since these cannot be offered for online casinos, one of the perks that are usually provided to regular and VIP online gamblers are Cashback Bonus

Gambling establishments offer such boons to players in the form of money or credits after some amount has been wagered by the players. The amount offered can then be used by the player to bet in more games. The amount a player earns as cashback will depend on the total amount wagered by the player for a game. The amount is credited directly to the player’s casino account so that they can be easily used in another round. Depending on the gambling website, there may be certain terms and conditions associated with this offer, but the basic premise is that the player is eligible to claim actual spendable currency. The amount offered as cashback by every casino differs, and high-rollers are entitled to get a larger percentage compared to low-rollers. In general, this offer will vary somewhere between 5-20 percent of the wagered value. 

One of the conditions levied on such a bonus is something called a wagering requirement. You will be able to use the amount offered by a gambling house to play games as you normally do, but you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings until the requirements are met. For instance, you have been awarded a cashback of 100 with a 10x wagering requirement. This means that you will have to wager a total of 1000 in order to be eligible to withdraw 100 in selected currency given by a casino. 

Choosing the Best Deal

Since there are a lot of online casinos in Finland offering cashback, there are certain factors that will help you to identify the best deal for you. Look at some of the factors below:

  • Will I be able to play on this website for a certain period of time so that the wagering requirements are met?

Before claiming such an offer, you should always think about whether you will be able to commit to the wagering requirement stipulated by the casino. Meeting the wagering requirements would not only involve some time but also some money, so these are the points that should be considered at length after having calculated the amount. Besides these requirements, you should also take note of the games on which the bonus is applicable. You will be able to meet your requirements only through those games. 

  • How often can I claim this offer? 

Each of the online gambling establishments will have their own rules pertaining to the bonuses, so you should decide on a casino that matches your own requirements. Certain casinos will offer such boons on a weekly basis, while there are others that will offer this bonus only once a month. Before joining a gambling house, you should go through the help and support pages of the website to know more about their timelines. 

  • Are the cashback casino bonuses offered regularly or temporarily?

For a lot of casinos, such bonuses are a part of their regular bonus offerings. They are offered on a weekly, monthly basis or at other regular intervals. On the other hand, there may be some casinos that offer it only temporarily during special and promotional events, or may not offer anymore after the initial offering for signing up. If you are interested in receiving such bonuses on a regular basis, you should not go for these kinds of casinos. 

Best Cashback Casinos in Finland

There are a lot of options available to a player in Finland looking for a casino that offers such boons. Here are a few of the casinos and the benefits that you can access:

Casino Cruise

This casino offers a total cashback bonus worth 1000 euros and 200 free spins. The offer is valid only for new players and on the first 4 deposits made by them. The maximum offer on one deposit is 100 euros and has a wagering requirement of 40x. During a period of 9 days, the player will win 20 free spins per day. The welcome bonus, after activation, will be valid for 72 hours. Deposits made using Neteller/Skrill will not be eligible for the welcome bonus. 

Genesis Casino

For this casino, a new player can win a total cashback bonus worth 1000 euros and 300 free spins. The minimum deposit required for it is 10 euros, and the maximum bonus that a player can avail is 100 euros. The betting requirement for the bonus is 40x the bonus amount. After the requirement is met, the player will win 30 free spins on specific titles for 9 days. The free spins will be valid for 72 hours after being credited. Transactions made through Skrill and Neteller are not eligible for this offer. 

Vegas Hero

This casino offers new players a total cashback bonus worth 1000 euros and 50 free spins. The offer is applicable on the first 4 deposits, which should be a minimum of 10 euros. The maximum offer on one deposit is 100 euros and has a wagering requirement of 40x. Over a period of 4 days, the player will win 10 free spins per day. The welcome offer will be valid for 72 hours after activation. Deposits made using Neteller/Skrill will not be eligible for the welcome bonus. 

Concluding Thoughts

While selecting a gambling establishment that offers a cashback, players should carefully consider all the terms and conditions of the casino. Most special offers and promotions have a wagering requirement that should be met in order to redeem the bonus amount. These wagering requirements have a time and a monetary basis. There are a lot of variations and options pertaining to casinos and cashback bonuses, which, irrespective of whether you are a new or seasoned player, will deliver something to your liking.

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