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Cobalt Cosplay Takes On the Final MCM London Comic Con!

Hey friends! it is Cobalt Cosplay here and with help from DemoraFairy Photography, we got to check out MCM London Comic Con  MCM London Comic con began with the news that American company ReedPop were taking over the British company, so it quickly spread that this would be known as the “Last MCM” since no-one knows quite what they will change next May.

MCM London Comic Con this time, much like May, had its entrance at the East entrance of the Excel due to the normal DLR station being closed, but the security had laxed which made getting into the convention easy and quick. The re-entry from the West entrance had also been introduced which meant you didn’t have to walk around the Excel centre to re-enter!

The con felt a lot smaller this time, with Marvel taking a large chunk of floor space to show off costumes from two of the latest MCU films, Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther. We have never had the number of costumes displayed before and for cosplayers (like me) you could get close enough to take some really good reference pictures for possible future cosplays!

Adjacent to the Marvel stalls there were the guests, which boasted some big names this time. Andrew Scott (Sherlock), Anthony Mackie (Captain America, Avengers), Warwick Davies (Star Wars, Harry Potter) and even Manu Bennett (Shanara Chronicles, Arrow) attended for most of the weekend, some attending Saturday and Sunday and others attending all three days. The organisation has finally been nailed, and here’s hoping ReedPop can keep it for next year!

In addition to Marvel taking a large portion of one half of the hall, Nintendo showcased a double-decker red bus where fans could go and play the latest released on their switch, as well as various VR experiences and new game released being demo’d in the North West corner of the centre. There was also an EMP photo booth which allowed you to pick a free gift after taking part, and even a Maoam Stripes stall which you could take multiple of at a time and keep coming back- for those who had a sweet tooth I’m sure you really enjoyed it!

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With big stalls galore, the usual stalls were also present: Funko, Warner Bros, Artists Alley (which had increased in size, really good to see!) and even the same stalls which have themed merchandise. For first time con-goers the selection of merchandise is great, and with Funko becoming a regular stallholder we are even seeing exclusive Pops being sold which are usually something us brits have to buy from America!

One downside with the regular stalls is that for veteran con-goers, like myself, the stalls are all something you’ve seen before and in all honesty could find online for cheaper with a bit of research. With ReedPop taking over next year I have a feeling it will filter out some bootleg sellers and shuffle around the layout, which allows veterans and regulars to experience a new con again.

Onto the title of the review, “Do the people make it?” Since I organize the Naruto Cosplay UK group on each day, the social aspect of conventions is something very important to me. Usual reviews post on just the inside of the convention centre, and whilst obviously this is important if you are not coming simply for the day (or even if you are and want to get more out of the con) Joining the social side of conventions makes a lot of difference when remembering the good times. Some people I met this time were con newbies, and through an introduction to others and the ‘after party’ at the pub on site at the Excel, the “Fox @ Excel”, we were able to give them a really good fist convention.

Akatsuki selfie

Speaking of the afterparty (not included in ticket price as you do not need a ticket), sadly although the social side of MCM is incredible (it can be a bit of drama, but then again that all depends who you meet and hang out with), the after party- after all 3 days- is an incredible bore. Whilst the music is all the cheesy hits, it is the same playlist in a different order for all three nights. Congas are formed and multiple Macarena’s are performed throughout the nights during the weekend, and even a friend who doesn’t get up and dance got up for a little boogie, but be prepared, if you are there all three nights, it will get repetitive.

Overall this convention was very samey for usual con-goers, speaking to a few they agreed but all are both tepid and excited for the changes that ReedPop are going to make. For new con-goers I would suggest attending the Sunday, as Friday can be very quiet due to a lot of the events not being on (although great if you just use comic con for just merchandise shopping) and Saturday’s you do struggle to move around through all the crowds, with each activity taking up to an hour or more to complete due to queueing. Sunday still has quite a lot of activities on, and near the end of the day merchandise sellers sometimes offer deals on which you can save quite a few quid on!

What did you think of MCM London this year? And what do you think is in store for May when ReedPop implements the changes? Let us know below!

Shout out to both DemoraFairy Photography for helping take photos and be sure to check out my stuff at https://www.instagram.com/cobalt_cosplay/?hl=en

UK-based Cosplayer who has an innate love for Naruto, Doctor Who and all things blue. Still searching for a madman in a box...

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