Cosplay Event Prep For Dummies

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Preparing for a cosplay event can sometimes feel like an ordeal. There are just so many things that run through your mind. Does my outfit look good? Is my attire unique? Am I wearing something flattering?

In this post, we take a look at some cosplay event preparation ideas that will help you enjoy the experience more. Check them out below. 

Choose Comfort

If you’re going to be away for an entire weekend at an event, comfort is an important consideration. You want to avoid chafing if you’re going to be wearing the same clothes for more than a couple of hours. 

Comfort can actually be quite easy to achieve, even if you’re wearing something tight and revealing. Choose options that will protect your skin and won’t leave you standing for hours on end in awkward positions. Don’t bother with stilettos if you can help it. 

Be Confident

If you’re not confident about your outfit, it’ll show. It’s a good idea, therefore, to choose something that you’ll feel confident wearing, no matter who you might bump into during the cosplay event. If you don’t feel comfortable in something super revealing, choose another option. Plenty of cosplay and animal characters require full body-covering costumes. 

Ignore Your Body Type

You might think that, unless you have a certain body type, you can’t take part in cosplay. But that’s not true at all. People of all shapes and sizes wear cute cosplay outfits. Again, it all comes down to how confident you feel. Remember, nobody has a body that is the same shape as the average anime character. 

Use Waterproof Makeup

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If you’re going to be in costume all day, it makes sense to wear waterproof makeup. Why? Because conventions can get pretty hot. A lot of people huddling in a large room give off a lot of heat, even with the doors open. 

Before you put your costume on, apply your makeup. Remember, some types of makeup use loose powder – and you don’t want that on your outfit. 

If you have stage makeup, use it. It tends to be more impactful. Pay particular attention to this type of makeup if you plan on going on stage. 

Even if your anime character doesn’t wear makeup, it’s still a good idea to use natural makeup. Just use makeup to bring out your natural features a little more. Use a liquid eyeliner or pencil to bring out your eyes more. 

Choose Cute, Comfortable Shoes

While many people choose to wear extravagant shoes for cosplay, those of the cute and comfortable variety are probably more suitable for the event. If you are on your feet all day, you’ll need to wear something comfortable. Shop online for shoes that complement the rest of your outfit. Choose flat soles for all-day comfort, or mild heels if you need a little extra height. 

Wear A Wig

You can try to transform your own hair, but most cosplayers wear wigs instead. They provide instant results and, because everyone is doing it, wearing them to the convention is perfectly acceptable. 

When you get your wig, use hairspray to style it. Go for a premium wig if you can afford it, as these tend to have considerably better hair coverage. You can cut your wig to size too if it’s the wrong shape or length, just as you would ordinary hair. You can also wash it if it gets dirty during the event (allowing you to use it again next year). 

Use Hair Dye

Most anime characters have heavily dyed hair. If you want your hair to go back to normal afterwards, use a chalk-based temporary dye that will wash out. 

If you want to dye your hair an unnatural color, you’ll need to bleach it first. If you try to dye your hair blue or green without doing this, you’ll wind up with something that doesn’t quite look right.

Where possible, avoid making a mess. Put newspaper down around you on the floor if you are applying hair dye. Always use latex gloves – don’t use your hands. 

Make Your Own Costume

Making your own costume requires a lot of work, but if you have the skills, it also produces the best results. 

When making a costume, check the orientation of the fabric. Most have an “inside” and “outside.” 

When making the cut, don’t go too tight. It’s best to leave a little wiggle room before you start sewing. Don’t use shiny fabrics if you want your photo taken. These tend to look overpowering. 

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