Cosplayer Interview: Stephanie Storm Cosplay

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Cosplayer Interview: Stephanie Storm Cosplay


Cosplayer Interview: Stephanie Storm Cosplay

While at Amazing Arizona Comic Con I got the chance to meet a number of cosplayers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their costumes! I do my very best to get in touch with them after conventions in order to interview them on who they are as a person and then who they are as a cosplayer. One cosplayer that caught my attention that weekend was none other than Stephanie Storm Cosplay!

I met Stephanie Storm before even knowing she was a cosplayer due to her being out of costume as she helped out with an amazing artist by the name of Rick Basaldua’s booth. After hearing them joke back and forth, cracking up at one another’s jokes I learned who she was! I had seen her work before but never knew her name and certainly didn’t recognize her out of costume. The following day she wore her Black Canary costume and looked incredible in it! Despite getting stopped constantly for photos, she still took the time to talk with me!

She was happy to take a few moments to answer my questions despite me being super nervous!


I want to give a huge thank you to Stephanie Storm Cosplay for being wonderful and so very kind! You all should definitely follow her!

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