Cosplayer of the Week: Frank and Nat’s Armory

It is rare in life that come across a person who is so pure hearted, talented, and wicked smart that you can not help but revere them. Now take that rarity and multiply it by four, the result is a cosplay group by the name of Horsemen Of! This group is a combination of two amazing cosplay couples, KnowOne’s Design and Frank and Nat’s Armory.  They pack so much creativity and incredible hard work into everything they do. To be sure to give everyone their time in the spotlight, we split our interview into just one couple at a time, starting with Frank and Nat’s Armory!

The Geek Lyfe: Although I have been a fan of yours for quite some time, there may be a few Geek Lyfers who have not seen your work before, would you be alright introducing yourself?

Frank and Nat’s: Sure people can know our secret identities! Hi! We are Paul and Deb of Frank and Nat’s!

TGL: How long have you been into creating incredible content/cosplays and what led you down this path?

F&N: We have been “cosplaying” since 2008, it all started as Halloween costumes! We made Captain America and Black Widow; we visited our local comic book shop and got asked to come back for some special events and we never stopped! We really started making costumes for Halloween partied each year, trying to to outdo the previous years! All the way back to childhood!

TGL: What has been your favorite moment?

F&N: We both agree that Seattle of 2017, at Emerald City Comic Con with our best friends KnowOnes Designs! It was just the perfect mixture of friends, fun, and costume. It also started our chocobro adventure which restarted our love of what we do in this crazy costume world we live in after a huge slump! It reinvigorated us!

TGL: Most frustrating?


TGL: When you aren’t doing this, what do you do in your spare time?

F&N: Working out real jobs! Paul is a firefighter at Luke FAB and Debra is a manager at Target.

TGL: You can choose one fictional character from any universe to come to our world and be your best friend for life. Who is it and why?

F&N: Paul – Bubbles from Trailor Park Boys! Funny, likes kitties, and would do anything for you!
Debra – I already have the best friend and best husband, perfect! But I always can make room for Prompto! He just needs hugs!

TGL: When you encounter a creative block, how do you deal with it?

F&N: Playing video games, bouncing ideas off friends, getting lost a good movie! Fifth Element, Step Brothers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pitch Perfect are some of our go to pick me ups.

TGL: What advice do you have for any aspiring content creators out there that goes beyond the normal advice of don’t give up?

F&N: There is this thing called the internet that has so many answers! Research everything! Join a community of crafters to support and share knowledge with, don’t be afraid to try any thing and fail greatly, do what you love, surround yourself with positive people and then share that positivity with others, buy number one most important thing… HAVE FUN!

TGL: Where can we find you online?

F&N: On the Line? What is this thing? Kidding, we are Instagram and Tumblr as FrankandNats, Etsy store FrankandNatsArmory, FB Frank and Nats Armory!

Be sure to check out more of their quality content on instagram under Horsemen Of! They are fantastic in every single way and always come out with the best costumes around!


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