Cosplayer of the Week: HeyR2A

We have a fantastic cosplayer for you today by the name of HeyR2A! Be sure to check out her content and follow her! She deserves it for all of the hard work and dedication she puts into her craft.

The Geek Lyfe: What is your cosplay origin story?

HeyR2A: My cosplay origin came from my High school days. I always enjoyed anime and gaming as a kid and when I entered high school I asked about clubs to see if there was a group with similar interests. Luckily for me, there was an anime club, so from there I got introduced to new anime and ended up going to my first convention in late 2016. I’ve seen so many people dressed up and got inspired to do some looks of my own. The rest is pretty much history from there I created a wide range of illusions through makeup and cosplay, she’s especially fond of body art, armor/prop building, and crafting.

TGL: Out of all the years you have done cosplay, what has been one of your more favorite/proudest memories?

R2A: Out of all the years I’ve been Cosplaying my proudest moment was appearing on live TV in the Caribbean. The show was called “Cosplayers Connect” and was featured on the GT Network. I was proud I finally made it to a big screen and that only motivated me to press harder for bigger and better things.

TGL: Many people online will simply see one of your images, appreciate it for the moment and move on. However, I know that a lot of care and time goes into photoshoots. Could you describe your process for a cosplay photoshoot from the concept to when it hits your fans?

R2A: My favorite geeky medium? Omg, that’s such a hard one, but ultimately I would have to choose anime. It’s just something about seeing character development through a tv series that gets to me.

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TGL: Subbed or Dubbed Anime?

R2A: Between subbed or dubbed, even though I like subbed I’m going with dubbed on this one. Mainly because when I’m face painting or working on costumes it’s so much easier to occasionally glance at the screen and listen to what’s going on than constantly turning back and forth. Trying to create new pieces and keep up with subtitles can be a challenge.

TGL: It is apparent that you hustle to provide content for fans but when you actually have a day off, how do you spend it?

R2A: On the days I’m not posting or making content, I’m typically preparing for a convention or catching up on episodes I’ve missed. After that, I pretty much pick up my PS4 controlled and hop on whatever game I’m in the mood to play.

TGL: You just radiate such confidence and the swagger of a champion. However, a lot of geeks often struggle with overwhelming self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. When you have those bad days and get down on yourself, what do you do to remind yourself that you are wonderful?

R2A: Everyone has days where they don’t feel like their very best self, or they have doubts that they are good enough. I combat that by looking through my stories labeled “support” and “con shenanigans “ to remind myself that I have so much love coming from so many different directions and that this is all for fun, looking through my old stories at how much joy this all brings me.

TGL: What is one piece of advice you wish you received when you first got into modeling/cosplay?

R2A: One piece of advice I wish I had was always produced quality over quantity. I used to just post anything and everything on my socials just to stay active. I soon realized that isn’t good since some of the work that I used to put out, isn’t what I want to represent me as a whole. Breaks are okay and remember to always pace yourself, don’t burn out trying to keep up with the Jones’s!

TGL: Where can we find you online?

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