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Cosplayer of the Week: Pixelghosts

Check out our interview with the fantastic pixelghosts! She is a talented cosplayer and writer who loves all things geeky.

The Geek Lyfe: What is your cosplay origin story?

pixelghosts: Back when I first started, I was really into Vocaloid so my first real cosplay was from “Matryoshka.” I knew nothing about wigs or makeup, so it was definitely a mess. However, I do remember having an amazing time running around cons. After that, I had fallen deep into Homestuck (I know) and the rest is history!

The Geek Lyfe: Out of all the years you have done cosplay, what has been one of your more favorite/proudest memories?

pixelghosts: I think I’ll have to go with going to Katsucon for the first time. It was always a convention that I thought would forever be out of reach so that was a great experience. It was also my first out-of-state con and the first time I got to room with friends in a hotel for a con.

The Geek Lyfe: Many people online will simply see one of your images, appreciate it for the moment and move on. However, I know that a lot of care and time goes into photoshoots. Could you describe your process for a cosplay photoshoot from the concept to when it hits your fans?

pixelghosts: Yes, so much goes on behind the scenes! I do a lot of cosplay looks rather than full out cosplays because it’s an expensive hobby to keep up with. So first off is seeing if I have the right materials to pull a character off. I’ll think about what type of vibe I’m trying to give off and base my makeup and background around that. Since I don’t have that many resources, the actual photoshoot process is a lot of fiddling around with my lamp trying to get good lighting. When I have a photo I like, I’ll pop it into Lightroom and pray it turns out well haha.

The Geek Lyfe: Out of all the cosplays you have ever done, which one was your personal favorite even if it was not super well received by fans?

pixelghosts: This is such a hard question. I always cosplay a character because I really like them so they all are important to me. I will say that I really loved cosplaying Chrome Dokuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. She’s from a series that was a huge obsession of mine in middle school. No one knew who I was when I wore her to a con (someone even called me Ciel Phantomhive?), but it felt good to go back to my nerdy roots.

The Geek Lyfe: You feature a lot of awesome geeky content, what is your absolute favorite geeky medium? (Video games, anime, comics, film etc.)

pixelghosts: Anime! Though gaming is quickly becoming a close second lately.

The Geek Lyfe: Subbed or Dubbed Anime?

pixelghosts: I have nothing against dubbed… but subbed for sure.

The Geek Lyfe: It is apparent that you hustle to provide content for fans but when you actually have a day off, how do you spend it?

pixelghosts: I love to eat so I’ll go out with my friends and get a good meal. More realistically though, I’m at home playing games or binge-watching something on Netflix.

The Geek Lyfe: You just radiate such confidence and the swagger of a champion. However, a lot of geeks often struggle with overwhelming self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. When you have those bad days and get down on yourself, what do you do to remind yourself that you are wonderful?

pixelghosts: Thank you LOL, I try! I definitely struggle with being positive and anxieties crop up on me a lot. Unfortunately, cosplay opens you up to a lot of criticism and a lot of it isn’t nice. Life gets in the way all the time too. If I find myself in a negative headspace, I reach out to my friends! Having people I can talk to no matter what is a lifesaver.

The Geek Lyfe: What is one piece of advice you wish you received when you first got into modeling/cosplay?

pixelghosts: I think it would definitely be to do what makes me happy! It took me so long to actually start cosplaying because I was so worried about what I would look like or what others would think of me. Now that I’ve been doing it for a few years, I wish I had started earlier. Even though the cosplay community has its fair share of problems, I don’t regret getting into it. I’ve made so many friends and have had so many great experiences.

The Geek Lyfe: Where can we find you online?

pixelghosts: I’m pixelghosts on both Instagram and Twitter!

Be sure to check out more of her work on her website! Give her all the love and follows she deserves!

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