Cosplayer of the Year 2017

Darth Mexican here! We have finished up with our 2017 Cosplayer of the Year event where we gathered thirteen of the best cosplayers we interviewed and had readers vote for their favorite. These are artists who put their heart and soul in their work. Social media likes be damned! It is the quality of work, the amount of new cosplays debuted, character, creativity, and the courage to do things they aren’t used to that makes a cosplayer great!

There were two awards for this year: People’s Champ and Editor’s Pick. The People’s Champ award is for the cosplayer the people enjoyed the most out of everyone and this year their pick was none other than Amber Skies. Amber was actually one of two contenders who participated in the 2016 running and were brought into 2017 because of how hard they worked this past year.

Amber Skies is no stranger to hard work, no in fact she actively seeks out projects that are complex and creative. When she hits the convention floor, heads turn and not just because of her immense beauty but because the quality/originality of her costumes. She can hardly be compared or mistaken for another cosplayer and for good reason. She absolutely deserve the support of the people and this victory.

For Editor’s Pick, Deegan and I spoke for a good length of time about which cosplayer out of the fourteen should be our pick. We searched through both current and present cosplays, considered their character, craftsmanship, and diversity in character selection. It was difficult to compare each of these cosplayers because every single one of them gave their all to their craft this last year.

However, after exhaustion set in from the debates and searching every single social media page used by the contenders, we came to an agreement on who our pick is.

For this year we know Lunar Lyn deserves the Editor’s Pick! Every cosplay she brings to a convention isn’t just for fun, it always has to be as great as she can make it. She is a veteran to the stage, competing in a number of masquerades and sweeping awards from many of them. However winning awards isn’t enough to justify our pick.

As a person she is quiet, humble, gracious, and uplifting to everyone she encounters. Anyone with such talent and accolades has the right to strut and hair flip as though they were Beyonce herself. But she does not, she cares for those around her and is so concerned with the thoughts of others she worries about making a bad impression. Once that proverbial ice is broken she laughs hard, crack silly jokes, and is wonderful! She truly is a beautiful soul.

Both of these cosplayers represent the best aspects of our community and we are so grateful that they took the time to do an interview with us this past year! Although Amber Skies and Lunar Lyn are our winners for 2017, every single cosplayer that contended are incredible.

We encourage you to take the time to check all of them out and follow them! You won’t regret it!

Amber Arden


Photo by Chocozumo


Photo by Mort Productions



Hendo Art


Photo by RiamuxCreations  

Krash Cosplay

Photo by Cosplay Corral


Photo by Tony Julius

Mucho Muncho Mania


Photo by Keiseyku

Sara Moni Cosplay

Photo by Deegan Marie Photography

Thermo Cosplay




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