Cosplayer Of The Week: CosKittens


Cosplayer Of The Week: CosKittens

Although I do love my Arizona cosplayers and even American cosplayers, I want to get our readers some international cosplayers to check out and enjoy! On my search I actually came across CosKitten! 😀 She was referred to us by one of our photographers! After checking out her content I could totally agree that she is pretty dope! Both in her costumes and her overall attitude and fun loving spirit!

I hope you enjoy our interview with CosKitten!

The Geek Lyfe:  There may be a few Geek Lyfers who have not seen your work before, would you be alright introducing yourself?

CosKittens: I’m Kitty, 25 from London!

TGL: How long have you been into cosplay and what led you down this path?

CK: Cosplay is something I’ve been into for years. however only started cosplaying and making my own costumes in 2014. I’ve always loved makeup 13315387_569030339941975_938813929120322879_nand costumes especially around Halloween so it interested me to be able to turn myself into characters I loved.

TGL: What has been your favorite moment?

CK: My favourite moment so far… has to be the reaction people have to my Gnar cosplay (league of legends) full blackout sclera lenses really freak people out.

TGL: What was the worst day for you in your cosplay career, what happened, and how did you deal with it?

CK: The worst day is another Gnar related day, it was the day of MCM London last year in May and i was up until 4am with friends finishing off his tail, we finally went to be for a few hours and ten at 8.30 am we were up again with the tail still only half done. Nothing has been so stressful since, not even remaking the tail earlier this year. 4 hours work the second time round XD made it all seem over dramatic the first time.

TGL: When you aren’t doing this, what do you do in your spare time?

CK: free time is few and far between, but when i get the chance i’m playing games, drawing, writing or socialising with friends. Work takes up most the time I have in order to fund the plans that I have coming up for the next con.

TGL: What geek medium(Video Games, Comic Books, Novels, Movies etc.) made the biggest impact on your life and why?

CK: Its probably games and novels mostly, I can lose myself for hours in a book especially if it’s one that has elements of truth and the real world in it. It’s makes it more plausible and easier to relate to.

With games, I’m the sort of gamer who will not stop playing a game until it is completed. I blew a tv after leaving it on for days once completing the Harry Potter game series XD

TGL:If you could take a character from any universe to come to our world and be your best friend forever who would it be and why?

CK: I would have to say I want the Doctor (David Tennants version), to be able to travel time and space would be amazing. It’d be so useful, i’d be able to get so much more done and not have to worry about being late for anything! Plus he could probably teach me a lot, I love science and what better guy to teach you about everything than a timelord!

TGL: Do you have any projects in the near future we should be excited to see?

CK: I’m working on Goth Annie from League of legends at the moment, which I’ll be taking to MCM London at the end of the month. Then I have a few in progress which I will focus on as soon as MCM is over, which are Cubone (Pokemon), Harley Quinn in her original body suit and a biggy which will take me a long time, which is a full armour set for a WoW Hunter.

TGL: What advice do you have for any aspiring cosplayers out there?

CK: Cosplay is great and fun, it takes a lot of work to build and make your own costumes and props and there will be times where it is the worst thing on the planet and you’ll wish you never started. But it is all worth it at the end of the day when a project comes together and you get to sare it with other people and fans at events.

Its something to do for fun, and whether making a cosplay yourself or purchasing one you should enjoy yourself and not let anyone get you down about it.

TGL: Out of the costumes you have done in the past, which one has been the most difficult and why?

CK: The most difficult was probably Gnar and that is only because I decided to make his tail in a mix of fabric and yarn tail styles. So instead of cutting the shape out of fur, sewing and stuffing it, i had to cut it out of cotton, sew and stuff the shape, as well as make all the tufts of fur that went on it. Which involved a lot of wool being cut and tied into little bundles, brushed out with a dog brush and then straightened to make them sleek and shiny. Then painstakingly sewing each of those individual tufts of fluff onto the tail shape.

I must be crazy because I’m planning to do it all again at some point for another variant of Gnar.


I want to give a huge thank you to CosKittens for answering a few of our questions! I envy her and all other London based cosplayers for being able to see so much of the world I can not! D: Everything over there looks amazing! SO JEALOUS! I’m also jealous of how awesome and talented CosKitten is!

Be sure to check out more of her stuff at her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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