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Cosplayer of the Week: Mucho Muncho

For a good, long while dear friends of mine spoke about a woman by the name of Mucho Muncho in the highest regard. I dismissed the notion since I, personally, had never seen nor heard of her before. As time went on, so did her accolades and reputation. Despite my best efforts I could never find this cosplay champion who was so well respected and talented until I accidentally met her at Wonder Con earlier this year. My good friend, Game2Hype briefly introduced us and at the time I didn’t know her by name so I simply nodded and wished her well and she responded with kindness.

After that encounter I swear the the old gods and new that she haunted my social media. Incredible costume after costume emerged with all of my favorite cosplayers and friends. Whenever she was mentioned, the hype only grew about how kind, hardworking, charming, and passionate she was. I finally got to meet the fantastic Mucho Muncho at a Halloween party where she came dressed as Scarlet Witch. In the course of a few hours we exchanged thoughts on anime, K Pop, conventions, cosplay, and more. I kid you no that every single kind word that left the mouth of her peers was gospel truth. She was in fact a sweet heart who took the time to talk with anyone who approached, she geeked out about her love for her hobbies! I was blown away that such a dope human being existed!

After that night I found out she is the President of the Arizona Avengers who are a charity group focused on helping the community by making appearances, often for children at hospitals. At Fanfest I gathered all the courage I could summon and requested an interview on her as a person and a cosplayer and she was kind enough to agree!

In all seriousness, Mucho Muncho is one of the greatest cosplayers I have ever met in my life. She creates costumes because of her overwhelming love and appreciation of the characters and is relentless when it comes to ensuring the costume is as best as it can be. She doesn’t need a massive following or awards to feel validated, she instead focuses on helping others as best she can with her hobby. The woman has sure striking beauty and yet does not participate in photo shoots, I literally had to hunt to find the best convention floor photos. She has no Patreon, she does not sell prints, everything comes out of her own pocket and finds time to craft such awesome costumes despite having a job and relationship. She just wants to have fun with friends and help make a positive difference in the community. Mucho Muncho represents the very best traits of cosplay and absolutely deserves the respect and attention of the community for all of her hard work, modesty, and dedication.

I can not recommend Mucho Muncho enough to anyone who wishes to follow and support a fantastic cosplayer! Please do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram, you absolutely will not regret it!

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