Crunchyroll Announces New Summer Premieres & Recaps Summer Anime Slate

Looking for some good news? Well, you have come to the right place! because today, Crunchyroll is announcing a series of new summer anime titles, including the upcoming Crunchyroll Original series “GIBIATE,” and is recapping the summer anime slate coming to Crunchyroll next month.

Newly announced Crunchyroll summer series include:

“GIBIATE,” the latest Crunchyroll Original, will premiere on Crunchyroll on July 15. Yoshitaka Amano (“Final Fantasy”) is behind the Original Character Design for the series. The series is set in the year 2030, where zombies and monsters called Gibia roam Japan with samurai and ninja set out to defeat them. You can find the PV here.


Healin’ Good Pretty Cure Three girls come together to form the Healin’ Good Pretty Cure team to defend The Healing Garden, a secret world inside Earth!



“Mr Love: Queen’s Choice” follows a heroine who inherited a company from her late father and has become the producer of a television program. Premieres on July 16.

“The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History’s Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants” This series is about an old demon king who is reincarnated 2,000 years after his reign and is accepted into a school with all his descendants. This title will be streaming exclusively on Crunchyroll. Premieres on July 4 at 9:00 AM PDT.

  • Series returning to Crunchyroll during the summer season include: 
    • Extra Olympia Kyklos Demetrios, a young man in Ancient Greece, is struck by lightning and transported to 1964 Tokyo! Premieres on June 22.
    • Digimon Adventure: A brand new Digimon adventure begins with the classic DigiDestined cast! Saturdays at 7:30 PM PDT; Regional air times may vary.
    • Food Wars! The Fifth Plate In the heated final season of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, Yukihira Soma and the Totsuki Academy compete in The Blue! Premieres on July 3.
    • “Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld” Our heroes to push forward to save Alice. The final arc of Sword Art Online: Alicization is coming soon! Premieres on Saturday, July 11 at 9:30 AM PST. Subsequent episodes will be released on Saturdays at 8:30 AM PDT.
    • Major Second Season 2 One young boy aims to become the best baseball catcher on his middle school team! Returns on July 11
    • A Certain Scientific Railgun T Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities make her popular in Academy City in the 3rd season of A Certain Scientific Railgun! Returns on July 24
  • Ongoing simulcast series include:
    • Ahiru no Sora Sora vows to dominate his first high school basketball tournament, but he must take on the whole school to get there. Wednesdays at 2:25 AM PDT
    • Black Clover Asta and the Black Bulls begin to uncover the secrets behind the devils and curse magic across the kingdoms! Tuesdays at 3:25 AM PDT
    • One Piece Luffy and the Straw Hats continue their adventures in the vast and secluded land of Wano! Saturdays at 7:00 PM PDT
    • Shadowverse A young boy fights in intense card battles based on the digital smartphone game “Shadowverse”! Tuesdays at 3:00 AM PDT
    • Wacky TV Nanana Chase the Kracken Monster! The TV Nanana crew slip into the third season of network high jinks that will split your sides. Thursdays at 6:30 AM PDT
    • Welcome to JAPARI PARK  All your favorite animal pals from Kemono Friends return for the second season of mini-series, Welcome to JAPARI PARK! Tuesdays at 9:00 AM PDT.

Be sure to check out Crunchyroll’s official website for more information!

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